Marvel Hosts #GalacticMeetUp At Disneyland California Adventure

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The Marvel and Disney team up is getting more exciting. The company hosted a look at the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride that delved into the science of creating the attraction as well as the science behind creating the cosmic universe. Hosted by the Disney Park’s blog with several Marvel VIPs in attendance, Marvel assembled everyone from Stephen Wacker, head of development to Capt. Mike Foreman, a former NASA astronaut. The group got comic books and free hats, but the creation of the ride and how it compares to actually moving in space. Check out a periscope of the event below.

The event is a part of the #SaveGroot campaign launched in conjunction with the Disneyland Resort’s plans for Halloween time and the new Halloween/Dark overlay for Mission: Breakout entitled “Monsters After Dark”. Marvel’s own Ryan Penagos live-tweeted the event and shared a few interesting tidbits relevant not only to the creation of the ride and the science behind it but the parts of Marvel that are affecting by space including their own astronaut turned superhero, Carol Danvers. Marvel continues its commitment to STEM and making their science as realistic as possible both on and off camera and in and out of comic books.

The discussion continued with NASA astronaut Mike Foreman admitting that he felt zero-G on the ride at California Adventure and with scientists praising the effectiveness of Marvel’s science while decrying films that don’t get the science right.

The dedication of Marvel and the Walt Disney Company to science and advancement is as always remarkable and the fact that they apply it to stories and fun continues to excite. The science behind these rides is fascinating stuff and coming together to tell a good story is the goal of both Marvel and Disney at the end of the day. The place where the two meet is worth exploring, for both scientists and artists!

You can check out more of the discussion of science and storytelling in the #GalacticMeetUp hashtag on twitter and you can check out Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark at Disneyland’s California Adventure as a part of their Halloween celebration. The ride also features a Thor Ragnarok reference, unique new costumes, and tons of fun for diehard Marvel fans. Be sure to share your adventures under the #SaveGroot hashtag check it out, it’s available for a limited time!

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