The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the December 2017 Marvel Solicits

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On a monthly basis The Marvel Report will be commentating on the new Marvel solicits. This month the Marvel Reporters will be discussing Marvel’s December solicits. Read the full solicits here on Comic Frontline.

Commentators: Kat, Josh, Breeze, LouisOzzie, Jeremy, Jay       

Editor: Kat


KAT – I’m torn on Jean’s return. She’s one of those characters where her death feels sacred since it’s been so many years since this version of Jean has been back. Also is their room for young Jean Grey and adult Jean Grey – will adult Jean Grey overshadow young Jean Grey’s narrative.

BREEZE – With the upcoming Dark Phoenix movie with Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, it’s a smart move for Marvel to bring in this book now. Of course, there is the risk that between this and the other Jean Grey solo series Marvel is going a little overboard on the Phoenix force. If they find something new and interesting to do with it though, I’m sold.

JEREMY – I’ve missed the original Jean. Generations definitely sparked my interests now I can’t wait to see what happens.

JAY – I am telling you the Marvel Death Train has return tickets for all my favorites now and I LOVE IT! The hottest, redhead in comics (Yeah I said MJ Fans). First Marvel brought back Ben Reilly (who is on the path of redemption now), and now my all time favorite Marvel Female character the one and only JEAN GREY! I hope she has some room on her train for a few more like, Cyclops and Professor X?


KAT – I was already excited for this title with the team up between Ben and Johnny, but I’m even more excited with the hints of the return of the Fantastic Four.

BREEZE – Seriously? Just bring back the Fantastic Four! It’s been long enough! I’d really like to see this legacy team get a little more respect for Marvel LEGACY. I hope this book leads into them all being reunited.

LOUIS – Finally! I’m so excited to see the Thing and Human Torch together again. While Ben and Johnny haven’t been completely absent, it’s good they’re headlining their own title instead of being side characters in other titles.

JAY – This had better bring back the Fantastic Four, that’s all I’m saying! Two will NOT do!


BREEZE – Black Widow’s death was one of my least favorite elements of Secret Empire, so I’m hopeful she is still alive. Whether or not that’s the case, a team up of Bucky and Hawkeye to uncover the truth should make for a tense, emotional arc.

LOUIS – I’m actually intrigued by this title. Bucky and Hawkeye teaming up to find out who’s killing Black Widow’s enemies. This sounds like an awesome spy title which is a nice break for people with superhero fatigue.

JAY – This sounds good a nice spy mystery buddy cop type story.


Josh – I continue to find this series interesting. I was worried that they were going to try and do too much with the Inhumans now that they are a major Marvel property, but each of the books has been a joy to read and proven worthy of its own platform. It starts with the Black Bolt. Sent to a prison meant for Maximum with no hope of being found, Black Bolt begins his most perilous journey yet.


KAT – One of the best aspects of Ms. Marvel is that Jersey City is a character on to its own, and with this arc it looks like the community of Jersey City will be gaining the spotlight. I hope we get to see Kamala’s supporting characters also take center stage.

JOSH – Few comics have the overall laughs, feels, and writing of G. Willow Wilson’s Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan is the hero for a new generation, blending Eastern philosophy and ideology with Western laughs. Khan is an amazing opportunity for people to learn about Pakistani Muslim culture while enjoying one of the most finely written material Marvel has to offer. Kamala Khan is a true gem in the Marvel lineup and its only a matter of time before she enjoys a major push of her own.


JAY – Can they also cure Jubilee of her Vampirism?


JAY – Weapon X has honestly surprised me. I have been enjoying it since it launched and this arc has me very interested as well.


KAT – I love Kelly Thompson’s voice for Kate, and really enjoyed her voice for Clint from Generations. So I’m looking forward to this arc.

OZZIE – Some of the best non-event stories in the past couple of years have revolved around the two Hawkeyes. I’ve come to really love the brother/sister relationship between Clint and Kate that Matt Fraction first brought to the forefront. Given how much I’ve come to enjoy Kelly Thompson’s Hawkeye run to this point, I have high hopes for this long-awaited reunion.

LOUIS – Reunited and it feels so good! I’m glad Kate is teaming up with Clint again. The duo’s interactions is one of the reasons I enjoyed Matt Fraction’s run a lot.

JAY – I know a lot of people love Kate now, but I miss the Kate from the original Young Avengers, she was more confident, strong, independent, bold, and had a sarcastic humor, without tipping that line of silly.


JAY – Could be great or god awful. I wish they would disconnect the two though. Young Bobby is not our Bobby let them grow in different directions!


KAT – I’m interested to see the Venom return to The Amazing Spider-Man series, especially the interaction between Peter and Flash.

LOUIS – I have mixed feelings about this event. Hopefully it can bring Venom back to being a villain.

JAY – I love that Flash is being included in this, I miss him as Venom, something I never thought I’d say, but I do. Maybe he can get a symbiote of his own?


JAY – Mania, I know but Maniac? Could Flash have the piece of Mania back?

VENOM #159 

JAY – I am intrigued with Mania


JAY – I am in for this, it sounds great and I think Flash could be Maniac, and completely corrupted by it!


LOUIS – Captain America with a sword. ‘Nuff said.

JAY – Interesting a new Swordsman.


JAY – I hope it isn’t Viv, man she is a shining star in Marvel right now.


LOUIS – I like how this solicitation implies this arc will conclude with issue #600. It’s a good way for readers to know how much they’ll be in for this story if they’re still on the fence about it.

JAY – Bendis seems to be in a slump right now. Spider-Men II was 5 years too late and now this is what a year too late? Take a vacation.


LOUIS – Wow, Hulk’s fighting Thor. Wonder why that’s happening? *cough* Ragnarok *cough*.

JAY – Hulk Vs. a hammerless Odinson on Sakkar. Where did I hear about that? Oh yeah Thor: Ragnarok. Come on Marvel you are a slave to the MCU BE THE HOUSE OF IDEAS, not the House of Recycled Ideas.


KAT – WOW that cover is gorgeous!

JAY – This sounds really epic, I am pumped!


KAT – I’m always game for a family fun issue of Renew Your Vows.

JAY – What concerns? I am not sure how to feel about the age up of Annie.


JAY – Intrigue and mystery, love this stuff!


JAY – YES YES YES! Ben and the Slingers! I am back in the 90’s and my Spidey books are good again!


BREEZE – We haven’t stared the Gwenom arc yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing what impact it has on those closest to Gwen. I think it will be especially interesting to follow George Stacy during this. I thought the last arc was a little weak (even with the appeal of a new Wolverine), so hopefully this one gets the book back on track.

JEREMY – Gwenom is something I’ve been really looking forward to. This series has done a great job of building her cast. I can’t wait to see how it effects them.

JAY – Nice play on the reason why the new costume is needed very much like the 90’s animated season with Spider-Man.


JAY – Is anyone not thinking this “mysterious Iron Spider” is anyone other than the original 616 Miles?


BREEZE – The first two arcs of this book were too focused on other people’s problems. I want to see more of Jessica’s life, and for better or worse the Purple Man’s return should cause that shift in focus. I’m honestly terrified to see what he’ll do to Danielle.

LOUIS – Still excited for the Purple Man’s return.

JEREMY – As a huge fan of the original this series has unfortunately been hit or miss for me but hopefully the Purple Man can help bring that spark back.


JOSH – Writer Ed Brisson has called upon the works of Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction for his iteration of the Iron Fist. Blending all that was great about the Immortal Iron Fist with a new generation of heroes, Choshin has already sent Kung Fu Master Shang Chi after Iron Fist in a failed attempt to end him, what is next for K’un Lun’s champion as he attempts to stop Choshin?


JOSH – Matthew Rosenberg steps in for Becky Cloonan, who had been doing a remarkable job of holding it down with one of Marvel’s most complex and violent characters. The Punisher is getting a whole new team as it enters the Legacy era. I’m very excited to see what this new team has instore for my favorite character.


JAY – Ahhhh, opposite members! I love those!


JAY – Moon Knight gets an arch nemesis finally, Sun King! Sounds awesome.

SHE-HULK #160 

JAY – Looking forward to this! I love that they are giving Jen more action.


BREEZE – In this day and age, the teamup of Loki and Doctor Strange feels like it came straight out of a Tumblr gifset. Which means I 100% can’t wait to read this arc. Walta is a great artist and I’m excited to see his work on these characters together.


KAT – Glad to see Hope back in the title, always a pleasure to see her character.

JAY – But can they take on the true Jean Grey?


JOSH – America has been one of Marvel’s most powerful characters since her creation. Now she’s getting an advanced spotlight on her. How will she fare with her home gone, her allies kidnapped, her friends turned against her, and her powers coming up short? This is America’s first Legacy story and it’s likely to be a winner.


JOSH – The Royals have the Primagen. What will they do now they have the basic building blocks for Inhuman life? On future Earth, the Last Inhuman (Maxiumus) is going to pay the price for their defiance. What will happen now that the Progenitors have returned to take their pound of flesh in return?


JOSH – My favorite comic currently out, Thanos is getting a new team, and I’m anxious to see what they do with the overall aesthetics. The previous team was my favorite in comics, so there is a lot to live up to with the new squad. In this arc, Thanos heads to the last moment in time to see his complete victory and he discovers a scene he doesn’t like. What did he see?

JEREMY – The Best Marvel cosmic book out currently. What more can I say?

X-MEN GOLD #17 & #18 

JAY – Who doesn’t like a good Odyssey?


JAY – I am loving Taylor on this book so I am excited for this arc.

X-MEN BLUE #17 & #18 

JAY – I love this! Could this be them gearing up to send them back to their time and place in history?


KAT – I love books that can look at the history of characters with a new lens. I will be picking up this one.

BREEZE – This book description promises to chronicle all of X-Men history…If Ed Piskor manages to pull that off then hand him another Eisner. No way he accomplishes that in two issues, but this should be a fun read.

JAY – Ed Piskor did an incredibly intensive history of Hip Hop in Hip Hop Family Tree, so I can only expect the same here. But my issue is would people want a history book in comic form? I will be reading it though!


BREEZE – This has been a great run so far and I’m excited to see how they finish this arc. Soule has done a lot to explore the psyche of these characters, and I imagine the results of this final battle will have even more repercussions for these characters.

LOUIS – This title has been a fun ride. I can’t wait to see the conclusion and to learn what will happen to Charles Xavier at the end.

JAY – Just brink back Professor X already!


KAT – Can’t wait to see Molly again, especially since she’s a bit older now. She’s not a kid anymore, and probably in her teens – I want to see how age changed Molly. And I’m in love with this cover, it’s cool to see Molly so popular in school after everything she’s been through. I wonder how her mutant heritage will play into her school life.

JAY – I loved the first issue, so bring it on! I am jumping aboard this Runaway Train and never going back (yeah I went there so what).

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI – Storms of Crait #1 

KAT – A Leia/Luke story that ties into The Last Jedi, sign me up.


JAY – I have all of these but I may pick them up again, especially Bizarre Adventures, since it will be in color!

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