Marvel to Introduce a New Character Named Voyager

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Earlier today, Marvel teased the coming of a new character named Voyager. Newsarama dropped a small story offering what little information that was available on the character. Right now, all we truly know is that we will be given more information on September 29th, which many comic readers will note is a Friday. This matters because Marvel typically distributes comics on Wednesdays, so the promise of more information on a Friday has a particular appeal to it. As for who Voyager is, several outlets have speculated on a variety of different things. CBR noted that she resembled Ayesha from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The name gives one the impression that she will be part of Marvel’s cosmic universe.


Voyager is sure to inspire a ton of fan theories and questions. Who is Voyager? What are Voyager’s powers? Is she a villain, hero, anti-hero, or someone who walks the fence between hero and villain? How big of a role will she play in the Marvel Universe? Is Voyager a key component of the story moving forward or is she just an addition to Marvel’s lineup? Marvel has eliminated a lot of characters because of their movie wars with FOX, it would make sense for them to add characters back.

Regardless of Marvel’s plans for Voyager, it is nice to see the company creating new characters and taking new risk. Ms. Marvel was a huge risk and it’s paid dividends hundreds of time over. When Marvel puts thought and time into their characters, they usually strike a chord with people and a success is born. I enjoy the cosmic side of Marvel and it looks like that’s where Voyager will be rooted, so this is rather exciting for me. Of course, I could end up being completely wrong and she’ll end up being an apprentice to Jessica Jones or something. I kid because I can.

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