Peter Parker Goes Symbiote In a Crossover Event!

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Peter Parker goes symbiote again! Peter will go back under the symbiote for the Venom Inc. crossover. The Amazing Spider-Man and Venom crossover event is titled Venom Inc. This crossover brings Spidey and the symbiote back together as well as two of the other hosts: Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson. News comes from Newsarama!

Nick Lowe, editor, discussed the upcoming crossover on the This Week In Marvel podcast. Here’s what he had to say:

“For a long time, Dan Slott has wanted to do a Venom story in Amazing Spider-Man – and a few times, he’s been beaten back from using Venom. And with the newest Venom book, with the symbiote going back to Eddie Brock, the time just seemed right. It’s bigger than just Amazing Spider-ManVenom Inc. was conceived by Lowe and Slott along with Venom writer Mike Costa. “We cooked up this insane story.”

The art will be by Ryan Stegman for Venom Inc. Alpha and The Amazing Spider-Man part of the crossover, with Gerado Sandoval on the Venom. Slott and Costa are co-writing the crossover and will continue to write their respective ongoing books.

The story begins on Venom Inc. #1 and will continue on The Amazing Spider-Man #792, Venom #159,  Amazing Spider-Man #793, Venom #160, and then an untitled comic, which will hopefully be announced soon!

Here’s some of the cover art:

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What do you think about the crossover? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

As always, we’ll keep you updated on all things Spider-Man and Marvel.

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