REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man #32 – “I See Goblins of Green”

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Writer: Dan Slott
Penciller: Greg Smallwood
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 09/13/17
Rating: T

Amazing Spider-Man

Plot: Norman Osborn is no longer the Green Goblin. Previously, he tried fighting Spider-Man without his alter ego and failed. Now Osborn exhausted every scientific method to reuse the Goblin Serum. However, after hearing about a secret monetary, Norman decides to take a more mystical approach.

Story: This is a fantastic interlude issue. We just got through a big arc involving the fall of Parker Industries. Once The Amazing Spider-Man is renumbered for Marvel Legacy we’ll be dealing with the aftermath. This one-shot story about Spider-Man’s greatest foe is a nice opportunity for readers to take a breath before the next arc. Dan Slott is known for slowly building bigger story arcs featuring Spidey’s greatest foes. This issue was a great way for Slott to hint that his next arc may feature Norman Osborn.

During this issue Norman goes to a monetary so he can learn magic. If this sounds familiar don’t worry you’re not alone. While talking to one of his masters, Norman points out how other Marvel characters took similar journeys. This was an entertaining moment because you wouldn’t expect this type of humor in a villain’s one-shot. Also this familiarity helps set up the reader for this story’s twist.

Ultimately we learn Norman’s entire mystical studies were never real. We find Norman just entering the monetary where he and the monks saw him learn magic to become a more powerful Green Goblin. The monks immediately expel Osborn and warn other mystic schools of him. However this does not weaken Norman’s resolve as he now believes he can be the Green Goblin again. This emphasizes the lengths Norman Osborn will go so he can get what he wants. Even when something comes along that could be better, Norman will choose what he wants instead of what he needs.

Art: This issue made great color choices. The color green was used a lot which is great since it is a Norman Osborn story. Also the darker color tones help remind the reader that this is a villain’s story. Plus the nine page layout helps move Norman’s training along so the plot doesn’t loose momentum.

My only problem art wise is Greg Smallwood’s design of Norman’s face. A big change in Norman’s appearance from a previous arc was his facial deformities. Smallwood’s Norman barely shows any signs of this and I had completely forgot about it until one of the monks brought it up. While Norman’s facial scars do not affect the issue’s plot, it feels odd to ignore a recent change to a big character.

Verdict: The Amazing Spider-Man #32 is a great interlude issue. It allows readers a break before moving onto the aftermath of Parker Industries. Plus it’s a great Norman Osborn story that really captures the essence of the character. Also despite one small problem, this issue has awesome artwork. Overall, if Norman Osborn is your favorite Spidey villain, then you should read this issue.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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