REVIEW: X-Men Blue #10 – “Beastly”

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Writer: Cullen Bunn
Penciler: Giovanni Valletta
Colorist: Scott Hanna and Guru-eFX
Letterer: VC’S Joe Caramagna
Release Date: 08/30/17
Price: $3.99

Xmen Blue

Beast is about to learn what messing around with magic powers will cost. The X-Men are dealing with their own problems but may have to deal with Beast ….


Beast realizes the need for something other than intelligence in this era, so he decides to become the Goblin Queen’s apprentice and let his magic grow. Similar to the older Beast, this one continues to be stubborn and guilty, constantly holding himself up to standards he can never live up to.

Elsewhere, Danger and Iceman are training together. Danger continuously is pushing Iceman to stop being distracted and fight to his full potential. Polaris and Magneto share a cup of tea and talk about potentially working together. Then there’s Scott and Jean who have formed a permanent psychic rapport after their dealings with Emma Frost. Lastly, is the friendship slowly building between Angel and Jimmy Hudson. The Goblin Queen and beast open up a door of demons that end up taking down the Xmen one by one.


Let’s hope Jean and Scott can save them.


Cullen Bunn finally takes X-Men Blue out of Secret Empire territory into it’s own story-line once again. X-Men Blue is made all the better for this change! Bunn does a phenomenal job in dealing with the X-Men, each and every one of them feel like themselves while also being these “new” characters in this universe. Beast is still making decisions that are self-destructive in nature, still unable to learn from his past. Jean and Scott are still stuck in a will they, won’t they place. Magneto is still walking the line of good and evil while loving his family.

Bunn takes all these attributes from classic X-Men tales and weaves them together to create what we read right now. He manages to have the pacing feel engaging even though we are shifting between characters every second page. The only thing that felt off with this issue is that it was only snippets of scenes and the conflict appears on the last page. But, as a filler comic before the big stuff this one was fun to read.


Giovanni Valletta penciling style feels a bit off in the pages of X-Men Blue. It feels the most off with Beast himself who he tries to give “movie star” looks to. Instead, he ends up looking like human form Shrek. It made me want Beast to not be in scenes as the art felt so out of place. The other characters look well so maybe Valletta just needs time figuring certain ones out. A good example of Valletta’s character work is Magneto who looks as old and worn out as he is.

Next is the coloring by Scott Hanna and Guru eFX. Thankfully, the coloring is never lacking in this issue. Each character has their own palette which makes each scene pop. Moving between characters and setting at such a fast pace could be dull but the colors really engages readers and leaves them interested. With eFX, when the colors are bright, they are bright! Each page is absolutely dazzling with this pair behind them.


X-Men Blue #10 was a very enjoyable read. Each little moment with the characters was completely realistic for the character and was nice to read. Bunn did a good job incorporating the plot details in a smooth way, never having a boring moment! The art was beautifully colored but the penciling was definitely not up to par with everything else. If you want a read that is full of action and conflict, then this is not for you. However, if you want a X-Men comic with the characters you know and love then this is perfect.

Star Rating


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