Top 5 Wanted Comic Resurrections

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Greetings True Believers, Marvel has lost a lot of it’s iconic heroes in the last several years. However, with the events of Resurxtion and Marvel Legacy, it appears as though a few big characters are coming back. Recently, it was announced that Adult Jean Grey as The Pheonix would return. Marvel Legacy #1 has brought back a different major character. Plus, it was revealed that a Marvel Legacy one-shot will bring back two more. I thought, with all this resurrecting going on, I’d make a list of people I’d like to see come back. I’m not saying they all should come back and come back right now. I’m just saying these are people I like that could lead to some good stories if they ever were to comeback.

5. Puck (Zuzha Yu)

For those that don’t know, Zuzha Yu was the daughter of a core member to the Canadian mutant team, Alpha Flight, and ally to Captain Marvel. She shared the same codename as her father. Like her father, she had increased strength, speed and several other abilities that allowed her to rebound off enemies in a pinball-like manner. Unlike her father, she incorporated gymnastic and street brawling techniques into her fighting. She had a very unique history. Prior to being a member of Alpha Flight, like her father, Zuzha served as a bartender and bouncer for the same bar. Her time on the team was short lived. She died only two years after her first appearance, in an event that was fallout from M-Day. I realize that this is a very bias choice for this list, and she had little impact on the universe as a whole. However, I personally think that she was a really cool character that should come back and get the spotlight she deserves.

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