Avengers Academy Halloween 2017 Event Episode 1

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Halloween 2017

It’s that time of year again. The Academy usually gets hit by some paranormal spooky being and this year Baron Von Strucker is bringing Marvel Monsters and Zombie versions of Hydra members to try to get his school back to its former glory by tearing the Avengers down. Some of which you get to unlock later in the event as costumes! So let’s get right into who you will be able to recruit and what sort of costumes you can get in Episode 1 for the Halloween 2017 event! Also noting that the formatting of these guides/recaps are changing from this one and onward.


Dum Dum Dugan:

Unlocks after collecting 25 Bowler Hats (from the Terrific Treats Crate), and 5,000 Commando Badges (Event Currency)


Back from the Monsters Unleashed Event, you get another chance to recruit him when you collect 15 bow ties (from the Terrific Treats Crate), and 3,500 Commando Badges.

Hit Monkey:

Weirdly don’t have the recruited screen for him but he is the main premium character for this event and you can unlock him by spending 795 shards and I think there’s a 200 shard rebate. CORRECTION: Reduced to 595 shards.


Boy, are there a lot of them from both last year and this year’s Halloween. Being the holiday for dress up it’s no wonder there are so many costumes. If you didn’t play the event last year you’ll probably get a lot of these costumes. Also like last year, Hangouts are indeed back so some of these costumes require certain relationship levels to be met.

Big Game Hunter Loki :

Dugan would and has challenged this and won.

Get this from the Terrific Treats Crate.

Cap-Wolf :

Get this from the Terrific Treats Crate.

Serpent Crown Falcon:

Get this from the Terrific Treats Crate.

Monster Catcher Wasp: 

Gotta Snap ‘Em All

Get this from the Terrific Treats Crate.

Wicked Witch Enchantress: 

Get this from raising 6 relationships to level 2

Cthulhu Black Widow: 

Get this spooky outfit by defeating Zombie Crossbones streak 7.

Zombie Crossbones: 

Get his undercover outfit by collecting 40 Face Paint (Heroic Zombie Crossbones), and11,200 Commando Badges

Disco Mockingbird: 

Get this groovy outfit by raising 10 relationships to level 3 or higher.


And that is all for this week. Next week we will go over Episode 2 of the event.

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