Avengers Academy Halloween 2017 Event Episode 2

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Halloween 2017

Let’s get right to it! If you missed episode 1 of the Halloween Event it’ll be here so you can catch back up for this week. This week there are only 2 characters to recruit, one old and one new, and 8 costumes from last year and this year. And this time around you will be facing a zombified Baron Zemo as the boss. Be sure to keep the heroes dancing as you will earn the keys to unlock the heroes and costumes with them.


Moon Knight:

File:Character Recruited Moon Knight.jpg
So he’s also undead?

To recruit him you will need 15 Ankhs, from the Spooky Surprise Crate, and 4,000 Commando Badges.

Jasper Sitwell:

File:Character Recruited! Jasper Sitwell.png
My favorite skill: Detachable limbs!

To unlock and recruit this zombie into your ranks you will need 24 Zombie Viruses, from the Spooky Surprise Crate, and 6,000 Commando Badges.


Festive Black Widow:

File:Outfit Unlocked Festive Black Widow.png
Well played Natasha, well played.

Get this from the Spooky Surprise Crate!

Blacksmith Iron Man:

File:Blacksmith Iron Man.png
Not sure how protective this is…

Get this from the Spooky Surprise Crate!

Archer Wasp:

File:Screenshot 20161218-143517.png
Smashing pottery is a good way to earn a living sometimes… not really.

Get this from the Spooky Surprise Crate!

Penguin Falcon:


Get this outfit by raising 6 relationships to level 4.

DJ Vision:

File:Outfit Unlocked! DJ Vision.png
As you know digital fire is safe to touch.

Get this outfit by raising 10 relationships to level 6.

Heavy Metal Captain America:

File:Outfit Unlocked! Heavy Metal Captain America.png
*air guitar noises*

Get this outfit from the Pandora’s Box Crate (Premium Crate 80 shards to open)

Mermaid Enchantress:

File:Screenshot 20170415-092305.png
Not surprising in the slightest.

Get this by collecting the items from Beating Zombie Baron Zemo Streak 7.

Zombie Baron Zemo:

File:Screenshot 2017-10-15-11-46-44.png
Not much has changed with him minus the whole brains thing.

Get this by collecting 40 Purple Masks from beating Heroic Zombie Baron Zemo Streak 7 and 13,000 Commando Badges.

And that is it for this week’s episode of the event. Next week will have more heroes and even more costumes so stay tuned!


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