Marvel Heroes Omega Celebrates Marvel’s Inhumans with Black Bolt

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Marvel’s Inhumans premiered on ABC last week and the game developers at Gazillion Entertainment are ready to celebrate seeing Attilan’s royal family on Friday nights. That’s why Marvel Heroes Omega is adding Inhuman monarch Black Bolt to the playable roster.

Black Bolt becomes the 43rd playable character on the Marvel Heroes Omega roster. He utilizes the power of his voice to bring down his enemies. His voice also powers his Ultimate move, called ‘Royal Decree.’ This move sees Black Bolt let out a literal earth-shattering scream, instantly vaporizing non-boss characters and severely damaging the surrounding area.

“He’s a great choice for beginners to Marvel Heroes Omega and veterans alike,” Gazillion Senior Designer Ben Gilbert said via press release. “I personally prefer to focus on melee, using the Master Blow talent to swap out his Signature for a heavy-hitting melee one. At the same time, my fellow designer Brian Waggoner prefers his ranged build, blasting enemies to smithereens from afar, occasionally using the slightest whisper to annihilate entire groups.”

Black Bolt will be available with both his classic Marvel Comics look and his more modern costume. Fans of the television show will be happy to know that a costume inspired by the ABC show will also be available. Black Bolt is available today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but only for those that pick up the Black Bolt Pack on either the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace. Those looking to pick him with in-game Eternity Splinters will have to wait until November 2.

As for PC players, they’ll have something to dig into, as well. The Operation Omega event is live, with players able to pick up a 50 percent XP boost and represent either the heroes of SHIELD or the villains of HYDRA. This event will run through October 11.

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