Los Angeles Comic Con: Concept Art Of The MCU Panel w/ Ryan Meinerding

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The Marvel Report has some reporters on the ground at the Los Angeles Comic-con, formerly known as Stan Lee’s Comikaze. The event featured every October, always brings out a ‘marvelous’ array of cosplayers, creators, and entertainers. The Halloween convention is a great event for kids and adults and the Marvel Report was once again a presence at the event with a second panel for fans on the concept art of the MCU. Event Coordinator Shawn Richter sat down with Ryan Meinerding, head of Marvel visual development to talk all things visually Marvel. The panel included a live drawing of Captain America as well as a giveaway of the Avengers: Infinity War poster. The poster was a must-have item from San Diego Comic-Con and it went to one very lucky fan.

Ryan Meinerding has a storied career and his artwork has defined the look of many beloved fan favorites. In addition to creating the looks for Captain America and Iron Man, Meinerding is also responsible for the iconic look of Black Panther. The highly anticipated superhero film hits theaters February 2018 while Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently available on Blu-Ray. Meinerding discussed both, bringing that distinctive visual flair to their costumes. The costumes that are both functional yet true to their comic book counterparts are a staple of his work. He stressed that it’s a fine balance between the story that Marvel Studios wants to tell and the character’s comic history.

A particular topic of conversation was Spider-Man: Homecoming. Meinerding worked with a team of dedicated professionals to bring Peter Parker home to Marvel and the MCU but found it a challenge. The web-slinger’s story had to be faithful, and he wanted to bring the right themes to the work. According to Meinerding, this was a real challenge but as fans can attest, the Marvel Studios team and it’s visual development department met the challenge and surpassed it.

Meinerding broke down the process, discussing everything from just how many people work in the visual development department (the visual development team is only comprised of 5 people but sometimes they’ll bring in up to 20). Meinerding even shared that there are no “secrets” in the Infinity War poster or at least none that he put in. That’s an important detail for fans who are looking for clues as to just what will happen in the culmination of the MCU’s first three phases.

When asked just what iconic look he’d wear to a convention, however, his answer was simple. Captain America’s Civil War outfit. It makes sense. Captain America: Civil War was the film where Steve really came into his own as a hero, not just as a member of SHIELD but as a soldier and a person with a history in his own right. Perfectly fitting for a person who’s given iconic looks and personality to so many beloved pop-culture icons.

During the panel, attendees were treated to the creation of some incredible concept art.  While discussing his processes, Ryan Meinerding drew Captain America for the lucky few who managed to get into a packed panel hall. You can check out the video over at The Marvel Report’s twitter feed. It was a once in a lifetime experience for the lucky fans. He then helped facilitate a giveaway to a lucky con-goer. Lucky indeed!

Excited by the artwork? Sad to hear there are no secret messages in the Avengers: Infinity War poster (that we know of, remember it’s Marvel, so stay guessing true believers)? Sound off and share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Check out more of Ryan’s Q&A on our Twitter and be sure to follow along for more Marvelous adventures of our intrepid reporting crew. Congratulations to all lucky attendees and thank you so much Ryan Meinerding for coming out to conceptualize the MCU with us!

Our lucky poster winner was absolutely thrilled! Stay tuned for more events from awesome Event coordinator Shawn Richter, and the Marvel Report!

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