REVIEW: Captain Phasma 3-“No Man or Beast”

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Captain Phasma #3 Review Feature Cover

Writers: Kelly Thompson

Penciller: Marco Checchetto
Colorist: Andres Mossa

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Price: $3.99

Captain Phasma #3 Review Cover

Plot: In Captain Phasma #3, Phasma and her pilot constructed a plan to cross the seas full of the gargantuan creatures that lurk in the depths of its dark, salty waters. The people of Luprora seem to simply revere the beasts of aliens as superior and do all that can be done to steer clear of them. Phasma is far less submissive than that. As she has a mission to accomplish, and those things are in the way, she finds a way to rise to the occasion, adapting to the situation as she best sees fit. That is of course her way. Survival of the fittest. And no one is more fit than Phasma.

The task looks impossible, and as TN-3465 points out, they also don’t have a functioning TIE fighter to simply blast the creatures to oblivion. This forces them to think the situation out, which also gives the readers a chance to see Captain Phasma in her element, showing how she handles the impossible. Given that the planet is very similar to Parnossas, she goes back to her roots, even at times thinking about those of her past like Siv. When she finds out that there was technology in the “old world”, she uses that to create an effective assault on their enemies.

Captain Phasma #3 Review Done Hiding

Story: I want to bring attention to the small trinket wrapped around the native woman’s neck. My first thought is that this could be a kyber crystal, but this may also just be my thinking about Jyn, who always wore one on a necklace quite like that one. If so, this brings to mind a theory that it’s possible that kyber crystals are even more rare than before. This leads me to my thoughts on Kylo Ren, and how he is the only member (that I know of) of the Knights of Ren, that has a lightsaber. The others fight with different types of weapons. I wonder if kyber is so rare now that even a small trough of it would be invaluable.

The other idea is that I’m reading way too deep into it, and this isn’t kyber but a piece of technology that looks out of place on a world that has very little of it, thus keying Phasma in to the idea that there is some technology somewhere on the planet. When they do find the… I’ll say ship, because that’ what it what it looks like- when they find the ship, Phasma uses it to electrify the waters and knock out the creatures there (if not kill them). This of course angers the rest of the creatures and the book ends them with declaring war with war cries.

At one point, after she replaces her armor to show her esteem as a member of the First Order, Phasma gives an inspiring speech similar to the one that she gave on Parnossas in the city of Arratu, to the inspire hope into the people on this planet. TN-3465 congratulates her on her ability to galvanize the people but Phasma, keeping in kind with her ever-present coldness, states that her words were only there to gain them an army and nothing more. This speaks to the depth of her character.

Captain Phasma #3 Review Creatures in water

Art: Like the previous issues, the art in this book is gorgeous. I really enjoyed the pages with the creatures of the sea writhing in agony as the electricity danced wildly through their waters and their bodies. It was a grotesque and beautiful scene all at once. I really appreciated the work there. I also enjoyed the cover, as it shows the reflective armor of the helmet with Phasma’s silhouette in it. It looks as if she is without her helmet – if not entirely naked – here too, which again teases the enigma of her appearance beneath the helmet.

Verdict: This was another well told issue, and I’m expecting more for the next. Battle is preparing to ensue between the humans and the creatures of the sea, and hopefully Phasma will finally come face to face with Sol Rivas, or as she hopes, find him dead. In either case, it’s highly unlikely that the Lieutenant will be escaping with the information surrounding her lowering the shields of Starkiller base. I highly recommend this series if you haven’t already been reading. It’s worth it!

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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