REVIEW: Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #1- “Cat and Mouse”

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Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #1
Writer: Declan Shalvey
Penciler : Mike Henderson
Colorist : Lee Loughridge
Letterer : VC’s Joe Sabino
Release Date : 10/18/17
Price : $3.99

Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan

Plot: Deadpool is roaming around the city when he happens to cross paths with Logan which leads the two mutants into a tussle with one another and some other action along the way.

Story: Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan is an interesting concept for a book but immediately brings together two of Marvel’s most fun X-Men related mutants for a mixture of great dialogue exchange and fun story. The one thing that quickly makes this book so fun is the dynamic between Old Man Logan and Deadpool because they both have such strong personalities, and writer Declan Shalvey seems to recognize that and use it to his advantage.

Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan

The story of Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan starts off pretty slowly, which is the books one downside. There is a fun opening to the comic that does a good job of setting the tone for the book’s setting, but jumps backwards in the to set everything up, giving a “how did we get here,” vibe to the story. As soon as the issue picks up from the true start, it provides a better opening segment and is a lot of fun.

The one thing that really works in this situation is the back and forth competition from Deadpool with Old Man Logan. Shalvey write the characters really well and makes this an amusing read through by utilizing Wade’s personality and short attention span. Recently, Deadpool has been going more back to his roots of being a mercenary instead of a hero, but in situations like this he still ends up stumbling into the side of good, which keeps the character enjoyable as someone to root for. As a whole, the story reads pretty fast-paced and should be fun as it reveals more about the situation that is unfolding.

Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan

Art: The artwork does a great job of reiterating the fast-paced nature of the story and really holds true to the book’s title being Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan. A lot of the artwork is drawn with a cat and mouse vibe to it, which is a lot of fun. Mike Henderson does a great job of stringing together panels and sequencing them very nicely to complete scenes. The book has a nice directional feel to it that is laid out almost like an old-school platformer style video game.

Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan doesn’t shy away from providing good detailed closeup panels either. Henderson and Loughridge do a really nice job of providing a balance between different panel types throughout the book. The color work really comes into play nicely on the closeups because it provides a nice amount of shading and contrast with the backgrounds to make the characters pop off the page. Together, the art team delivers a nice style for Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan, giving the book a good artistic style with a balanced and natural feeling color scheme.

Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan

Verdict: Overall, Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan is a really fun book that just needs a little more time to develop. The story gets off to a fun start with great dialogue between the two titular characters but reads very quickly and doesn’t deliver a whole lot of long-term plot within this issue. The artwork perfectly echoes the story and pace that the comic has, which works really well because of how action packed the book is. This is a fun read and should continue to get better with each issue.

Rating: 3.5/5

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