Kevin Feige Comments On The Whereabouts Of The Leader & The Abomination In The MCU

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While it still remains a piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for the most part The Incredible Hulk tends to be mostly ignored except for when it comes to Bruce Banner and General Ross who returned years later in the Captain America: Civil War. For years fans have wondered about the fate of the two villains introduced in the film and it appears Kevin Feige is well aware of this. When asked about the fate of The Abomination and The Leader while speaking with Crave Online, the Marvel Studios head commented briefly on their whereabouts.

“It is an embarrassment of riches of places we could go or characters we could reprise or bring back now that we’re… I think Ragnarok is our seventeenth MCU film. And you would be surprised how many… it’s come up. It’s come up. Just finding the right place. And as I said, if you can’t do it right, don’t do it or do it later, and the notion of “Hey, I’m here too! Next!” is not interesting to us. Abomination is in a prison somewhere too.'”
It doesn’t really sound like they have any plans for the villains currently based on Feige’s comments above. Additionally, with a semi-sticky rights situation regarding The Hulk solo films, I wouldn’t hold out hope regarding seeing the two popping up anytime soon. Then again, we have no idea with Phase Four has in store and where The Hulk will go from there. Perhaps we could see another team-up film down the line with the Green Goliath and another character going up against The Leader? Let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.
Source: Crave Online
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