Marvel Legends Figures Coming in 2018

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Hasbro revealed their lineup of upcoming Marvel Legends figures at NYCC 2017. Many in-demand characters from different lines are represented. All images come from Marvel Toy News.

Let’s start with Reed Richards as Mr. Fantastic, he will be in his iconic blue Fantastic Four suit. Along with interchangeable stretched out arms and regular sized arms.

A brand new scuplt of The Thing is coming out as a Walgreens exclusive for 2018. Right now there are no photos of the figure, but it’s expected to debut at New York Toy Fair 2018.

Below is a photo of the 6″ Spider-Man Noir. He is part of the Lizard build a figure series, which will be the first Spider-Man series of 2018 for Marvel Legends.

Prowler is part of the same series as Spider-Man Noir.

Classic Taskmaster will be a 6″ figure in the comic based figures from Avengers Infinity War Wave 1. He joins Songbird and King Cobra in this wave.

Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man will be a 6″ figure with three interchangeable heads. He is also in his ’90’s X-Factor costume.

The last figure is Gladiator. He will be 6″ and in his classic costume.

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