The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the February 2018 Marvel Solicits

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On a monthly basis The Marvel Report will be commentating on the new Marvel solicits. This month, the Marvel Reporters will be discussing Marvel’s February solicits. Read the full solicits here on Comic Frontline.

Commentators: Kat, Tatiana, Louis, Jay, Brittany

Editor: Tatiana


Kat – I’m really excited to see Tom Taylor handle Jean Grey’s return. Also glad to see Laura and Gabby joining the team – Taylor has a great handle on them.

Tatiana – They’ve been building up to Jean Grey’s resurrection for so long that I have faith they know what they’re doing with her, and I’m ready to see their plans be put into action. Plus, more Laura Kinney never hurt anyone but the bad guys.

Jay – HELL YEAH!!!! I am SOOO Excited for Jean’s return! I have been waiting for this since she died!


Kat – Looks like this is going to be an epic X-Men event. I like seeing all the X-Men involved. Also very curious to see what’s up with the “Jean” living a suburban life.

Tatiana – This arc seems to be filled with Avengers departing, returning and dying. I’m definitely intrigued by the Challenger and the Voyager, as I love when the doors to comic book character history. And I’m always ready for Jarvis to be an important part of any story, even if it involves waking up from a coma. Truth be told, I haven’t missed the Bruce Banner Hulk, but it feels like the appropriate time for his return.

Jay – Challenger, Voyager, what other space shuttles are becoming Avengers? And the returning Avenger? Could it be Banner Hulk? The variants this month are the Hulk Variants after all.


Kat – It’s been a slow burn (pun totally intended), but we are finally getting the face off we deserve.

Tatiana – Three Iron characters converging in one story seems like a lot to take, and I echo the hopes that Riri will not be sidelined when we reach the other end of the story. As enjoyable and iconic as Tony Stark is, Riri has really grown on me and deserves to exist outside of his shadow. Unless of course he explicitly trains her, which would be a fun arc to read.

Jay – I hope Riri gets some spotlight and maybe her own Ironheart title out of this.

Louis – Looks like the plot is starting to pick up, hope we get some explanations about how Tony returns.


Tatiana – I don’t normally read Captain America, but I’m always drawn in by a semblance of starting over and Steve as a fish out of water is my favorite thing about him. I’m also wondering how big they plan on going for the 700th issue, so I’m on board with the lead-up.

Jay – I like the twist on his origins.

Louis – Cap’s on ice again. I really enjoyed Mark Waid’s first issue, and I can’t wait to see what he has planned going into Cap’s 700th issue.


Kat – Mariko Tamaki has done a great job with the psychological aspect of Jen in her Hulk series, and thankfully it looks like she will be doing the same with She-Hulk.

Tatiana – I am very much enjoying this introspective take on Jen’s character, and I hope that the nuance remains a part of the story even as she reconciles herself to her different sides.

Jay – Could this be the return of the Sensational Green Bombshell? I hope they return her classic look but keep the deeper more psychological character.

Louis – This issue might start setting up the return of Jen’s classic She-Hulk form.


Tatiana – We haven’t gotten our fill of Hulk and Thor crossovers, have we? I am interested in Amadeus having to deal with Dark Hulk, though.

Jay – Really? Even in February you are pimping Ragnarok?


Kat – I’m glad that the story is showcasing Jane a bit more, especially her dealing with her cancer.

Tatiana – From the moment they introduced Jane’s run as Thor by giving her cancer, I’ve been dreading how they will deal with it at the end of the day. I certainly don’t want to lose Jane, but I also want her illness to be treated as realistically as possible in a tale about Norse gods.

Jay – This better be a great arc with all of hype it is producing.


Tatiana – It feels like there’s already been a few instances of the Champions grappling with their image on a larger-scale, and while it’s an interesting concept I am wary of them tiring it out. However, if this means that there are Kickass-style wannabes trying their hand at heroics, and our team needs to stop them? That could be a lot of fun.

Jay – I want them to stop being the Social Justice Champions and BE TEEN HEROES!!!!

Louis – Last issue set up a membership drive for the Champions. While it seems like Red Locust could be a new member, the title “Champion for a Day” implies this could just be a trial period.


Tatiana – Chip Zdarsky is one of my favorite comic book writers, which is good because it takes a lot for me to read a Peter Parker story (he belongs with Mary Jane!).

Jay – Hmmm, sounds like Marvel wised up about outing Peter’s identity to the world again.

Louis – I really hope this issue concludes the Tinkerer arc. It has been very slow paced, and I just want it over so we can Spidey do something else.


Tatiana – The return of Norman Osborne as Green Goblin sounds promising, but I’m wondering how it connects back to the rest of the arc.

Jay – I love seeing Spidey in the Sanctum Sanctorum! But these issues seem like two different stories than one arc.

Louis – A spider story with Norman Osborn written by Dan Slott, you know I’m in. ‘Nuff said.


Kat – It’s been awhile since we’ve had a focus on Betty – and damn Spider-Man Homecoming has now made The Amazing Spider-Man talk about Ned Leeds again.

Tatiana – It’s hard to keep track of who is still alive in what continuity, but I love both Betty Brant and Ned Leeds and look forward to anything that deals with their characters.

Jay – Ned alive? Love the mystery! I am totally interested!


Kat – This has been disappointing as one of the last Miles Morales stories from Bendis.

Tatiana – I haven’t read anything with the Sinister Six in it for a long while, but I’m excited. I care a lot more about the Morales family and old vendettas, though. I hope Bendis leaves Miles with dignity and respect.

Jay – Dissension in the ranks, that is the Sinister Six M.O.

VENOM #161

Tatiana – Spider-Woman is always a lot of fun, and I’m ready to see her dynamic with Eddie and the Symbiote. Also glad Venom’s gotten that little imbalance taken care of for now.

Jay – Hmmm, Spider-Woman taking on Brock Venom! I am looking forward to this one.


Kat – I still don’t know how to feel that Annie is a high schooler now (especially as a big Spider-Girl fan), but it could be cool to see Peter walking the halls.

Tatiana – I’m in love with Annie as a character and Jody Houser as a writer, so adding in teen angst over your dad being your teacher and I want to hand over my money now. I do agree that aging her up was unnecessary, though.

Jay – Peter is back as a Science Teacher? I LIKE IT!

Louis – Annie attending her dad’s alma mater is an interesting setting. Also it sounds like Peter could be returning as well. If he’s a teacher, then that could open some potentially entertaining moments.



Kat – Cap VS. Gwenom! Let’s do this.

Tatiana – The Captain America from Spider-Gwen is one of my favorite characters, and I’m more than happy to get away from the Matt Murdock of it all even if I’m still wary about using Venom to restore her powers.

Jay – Gwenom Vs. Captain America? Oh yeah!


Tatiana – Ben Reilly and I got off on the wrong foot, but I’m always interested in a good “identity reveal” storyline.

Jay – I am enjoying Ben Reilly, but I hope the Slingers are still around.


Brittany – The only Marvel comic I read is Daredevil, and OMG MUSE IS BACK. He’s one of the scariest villains and I can’t wait to see him team up with Fisk (but I’m also terrified).

Tatiana – Huge fan of resistance stories and of exploring the conflict between the law and justice, so I am ready and waiting for Muse to join the fray.



Kat – Once again Purple Man is taking more deep cuts into Jessica’s life.

Tatiana – First you mess with Danielle, and now Luke? Purple Man is about to get what’s coming to him, and I can’t wait.


Tatiana – We haven’t seen much of Luke with his family in his solo title, so I am beyond excited for whatever bedtime stories he’s going to tell Danielle.

Jay – I don’t know why but I love these types of stories.



Brittany – I’m really excited for Tales of Suspense because it’s my two favorite superhero boys, Bucky and Hawkeye, teaming up for sass and adventures. Plus the cover art is phenomenal.

Tatiana – Bucky, Clint and Natasha in one story that’s not just an Avengers movie? Sign me up!


Kat – Give me all of the emotions!

Tatiana – This run has been one of my favorite Marvel comics, so I’m more than ready for Kate and Clint to team up and feel all the things.


Tatiana – I don’t care about Johnny Storm, but as previously stated I care about Chip Zdarsky, so here I am.

Jay – Johnny losing his powers? Been there, done that.


Kat – We really don’t need a Lockjaw series.

Tatiana – After the massive flame-out that was the Inhumans television show, I’m not sure why they want to add to the number of titles. Lockjaw is cute, but he’s on the level of warranting a miniseries about his adventures. His one-page stories in the back of Royals issues are more than enough.

Jay – REALLY? REALLY? Why? Why do we need this Marvel?


Kat – My favorite supporting cast in comics right now is Ms. Marvel – SIGN ME UP!!

Tatiana – Red Dagger has gathered a group of heroes to uphold Ms. Marvel’s legacy? That doesn’t sound like it will end well, but I know I’ll enjoy reading it.

Jay – So Carol has her Corps, and now so does Kamala? Way to be original.


Jay – I hate that they are calling them the Infinity Stones now because everything has to tie into the movies. BUT I am super excited to see the return of Adam Warlock (even though his return is because of the movies too).



Jay – Seriously? First you go against your word of no events for 18 months, then you give us this without any solicitation text?



Kat – I’m game to see Rogue and Gambit in therapy.

Tatiana – Undercover stories are my favorite, so this miniseries sounds like a lot of fun to me. Not to mention that everyone loves mutant romance and mystery, right?


Tatiana – It’s always nice to see the younger and (somewhat) older generations team up and band together. This may also be the first time this run that I learn what kind of teacher Bobby is, which is fine by me.




Kat – It’s pretty obvious that it’s Nightcrawler, since he will be in X-Men Red this month.

Tatiana – Talk of devastating losses both makes me nervous but also have me rolling my eyes, because they never have the impact they should or mean what you think they do.

Jay – Nightcrawler? I mean, he is joining the Red squad. I miss Rachel as Marvel Girl.

X-MEN: BLUE #21 & VENOM #162

Tatiana – This seems like an unnecessary crossover that no one asked for, but I guess Venom is a big draw right now for some reason?

Jay – NO. I draw the line at a team of symbiote X-Men!


Tatiana – Not a fan of vampires, but Jubilee is my favorite and I must celebrate all milestones with her.

Jay – Hopefully Jubilee loses those dumb vampire powers and becomes a mutant again!


Kat – I’m not a big Deadpool fan, but I love Gabby and Deadpool with each other. I am game for a team-up issue.

Tatiana – It may be blasphemy, but I think I’ve had enough of inserting Deadpool into other comics. That being said, Gabby is a great character and I look forward to seeing more of her.

Jay – GABBY!!!! An issue full of Gabby, I LOVE IT!


Kat – Looking forward to finding out what Rowell and Anka have been building towards.

Tatiana – I’m really happy with the direction of the series so far, and I can’t wait to reach the climax of the first arc.

Jay – I am LOVING Runaways Rainbow has a firm grasp on who these characters are and you can see her love of these characters in every issue. I can not wait to see the conclusion of this arc and see what the next has in store for us!


Jay – Hoping this is a Prelude and not ANOTHER adaptation of other movies.

Tatiana – Keep hope alive, but I think we all know it will be a recap of the events in the previous movies that are relevant to Infinity War.

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