Avengers Academy Pet Avengers Event Episode 1

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Pet Avengers

This is the last event of the year and while last year’s event brought us the A-Force this year brings us another Avengers team with the Pet Avengers! It brings back some fan favorite pet characters and some animal-based heroes as well. Your main big bad for this is Tiger Shark as he wasn’t accepted into Pet Avengers Academy and decides to strike the Academy to free Attuma with the help of Fing Fang Foom. So here’s what you can get in Episode 1!



File:Character Recruited Stinger.png
Just be careful where you step.

Back again you can recruit her after collecting 2 Silver Ornaments (from the Lemurian Boss), 2 Bio-Synthetic Wings (from the Magical Multiverse Portal), 24 Plush Bunnies (from the Mission Board), and 1,700 Gift Cards (the Event Currency).


File:Character Recruited! Hairball.png
All cats are sassy, this one is exceptionally sassy.

You can unlock this kitty by collecting 9 Silver Ornaments (from the Lemurian Boss), 8 Catnip Mice (from the Humongous Ball of Yarn), 90 Cardboard Boxes (from the Mission Board), and 2,800 Gift Cards.

Howard the Duck:

File:Character Recruited! Howard the Duck.png
Not the best pose, but it is something.

You can unlock this fan favorite for 545 Infinity Shards


File:Character Recruited Hawkeye.png
This guy is good at what he does, that’s for sure.

You can unlock this long requested Avenger for the second time by getting 25 Boomerang Arrows from Battlefield 1 (Not the game).


File:Lucky Recruited.png
His other skill is being a good boy.

You can unlock this good boy again by getting 21 Pizzas from Battlefield 1.


Black Cat Black Widow:

File:New Outfit Pet Avengers Event Black Cat Black Widow.jpg

To get the costume for her you will need 55 Laser Pointers (from battling the Lemurian Boss), and 10,000 Gift Cards.

Holiday Wasp:

File:Outfit Unlocked! Holiday Wasp.png

To get this costume you will need 16 Snow Shoes (from Wasp’s Snowmobile), 48 Ugly Christmas Sweaters (from the Mission Board), 10 Silver Ornaments (from battling the Lemurian Boss), 130 White Elephants (from Treasure Chests), and 4,000 Gift Cards.

And that does it for this episode of the event. Check back next week for episode 2 and what that might hold!

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