Marvel Debuts ‘Agents of SHIELD: The Road to 100’ Art Program

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Agents of SHIELD S5

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is ramping up to a fantastic 5th season. As the show celebrates going into syndication with its 100th episode, they announced a series of 5 special posters similar to the series’s original art program “The Art of Evolution”. Early fans of the show might recall that the series featured multiple cast members and posters depicting important and occasionally spoiler-filled elements of the series.  As the show ticks down to its 100th episode, the program has been resurrected by Marvel and it’s creators to celebrate the 100th episode which will air March 9th in 2018 at 9 pm on ABC network.

According to Marvel, the poster will highlight the work of the cast and crew, this first art piece depicts pivotal moments from Season 1 including Coulson’s first encounter with the Kree, Fitz discovering HYDRA’s plot, Chloe Bennet’s Skye rushing out to save the day, John Garrett’s betrayal, and Grant Ward shooting Victoria Hand and revealing himself to be the traitor on the team. It’s a well-deserved look back at the series that has come to meet so much to so many people across the world and to celebrate Marvel’s flagship television program. Check out the poster from artist Dale Keown below.

There will be 4 more art pieces showcasing the series’s highs and lows for fans. It’s a nice trip down memory lane that’s sure to dredge up some positive and negative emotions for all concerned as we relive the joys and triumphs of everyone’s favorite team of Agents. There’s no current information about where you can purchase the posters, but marvel’s art of evolution each retailed for about 50 dollars a piece, so anyone hoping to get their hands on this limited edition piece of iconic artwork to celebrate their favorite TV show should get themselves ready to spend some cash.

Do you have any ideas about just what Agents of SHIELD should feature? Any iconic images you’d like them to bring back? Share your ideas with us at #AgentsofSHIELD100 on twitter and facebook and sound off and share your thoughts in the comments below. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs Fridays at 9pm.



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