REVIEW: Thanos #14- “At the End”

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Writer: Donny Cates
Penciller: Geoff Shaw
Colorist: Antonio Fabela
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Price: $3.99

Release Date: 12/27/17

Thanos #14 Review Cover

Plot: We have embarked on a new journey for The Mad Titan. The last arc ended with the defeat of his cowering son, Thane, in the God Quarry as Jeff Lemire took his leave from the series. In his place came Donny Cates, who has taken Thanos through time to make amends with himself. In Thanos #14 Thanos comes face to face with an older version of himself several million years in the future after he has successful defeated every opposition the universe had to offer. Here he finds that his older counterpart needs his help.

Story: Thanos Wins.  The name of the arc alone solidifies the power that he holds. Thanos is the ultimate villain and I feel that the series is making a fact of that in the form of an entire story arc that seems to treat this as an established concept. Thanos is no longer a simple person to be defeated like Dr. Doom or Kang the Conqueror. Like Galactus, he is a fundamental force of the universe. So, the fact that he is all that is left isn’t the story but rather just an obvious inevitability. Of course Thanos is all that is left. It was only a matter of time.

The story is poetic with this statement, and for the first time in my many years reading comics I see a shot of Thanos as a baby. And even as a baby he is mad… with eyes a cosmic awareness that drove his mother mad. Thanos is a force, and as Cates so eloquently puts it, when he was born the universe ended. I absolutely love how he uses this concept to drive home his undeniable power. It speaks volumes to his legacy. At the same time, we’ve never before gotten the kind of focus on his life that we are getting in this story.

Facing his older self is like facing a father, which is funny because Thanos is already old in his own right. Still, there is always someone wiser. In this case his older self being that person seems fitting for the story. Of course, they fight, and there are some beautiful images showcasing his power both now and from the future. Thanos really does look the full here, trying to berate his older self for using words such as “please” to make a statement. It seems that he has a lot to learn before learning to properly use the term. I also like finally learning his true name before his mother passed- “Dione.”

Art: Geoff Shaw’s art is a force to reckon with. I would love to see him on every cosmic based book because he has a way with truly capturing the essence and power of the cosmos. From the shots with giant Celestials to the bout between Thanos and Thanos, I feel taken aback by the action on every page. Followed up with Fabela’s bright and properly chosen colors we really get a feel for cosmic Marvel. I would have loved to see this art team on something like The Ulimates 2, or perhaps the Guardians of the Galaxy. The work is superb.

Thanos #14 Review Future Ghost Rider

Verdict: Cates is off to a staggering start with this series. With the new future Ghost Rider, and the Titan having to face himself on a mission at the end of time, dealing with the revival of death, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. I’m envious of the pure creativeness of his mind, and I know that based on this and his current work with Doctor Strange, we are not going to be disappointed.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5.

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