Runaways 1.05 Review: “Kingdom”

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Runaways 1.05

“I’m sure you’ll be interested in what I have to say”

Fewer sentences are more ominous. In a flashback, Geoffrey Wilder is approached by a mysterious figure (Julian McMahon) while in prison who offers to buy some junk property off Geoffrey for a cool five million. Sensing something is up, Geoffrey offers to go into business with him instead.

First Geoffrey makes a less savory deal: he promises Darius, the gangster from episode 2, to take care of his family financially if he’ll take the wrap so Geoffrey can get out of jail. We know, however, Geoffrey didn’t keep up his end of the bargain because in the present Darius has got Alex at gunpoint.

The Scooby gang is on the case though and Nico figures out she can use the staff to track down Alex. Chase meanwhile is bonding with his dad, who emotionally opens up to his son about his regrets and failures.

Darius tells Alex the truth about his father, including how he threatened his little old grandma. After everything that’s happened though, Alex doesn’t seem surprised. He already knew what kind of man his dad was.

The question is, what kind of man will he be? Alex doesn’t hesitate in shooting a gang member named Andre to protect his father.

In the most insane scene, the Runaways take on the gang (first a cult, now this!). We get to see all of their powers on display, including Chase with his new fistigons. (Gert is less happy: “She’s beautiful and she glows, great!”). Nico uses the Staff of One to protect them, finally getting the hang of it. 

No sooner than they’ve rescued him, Alex runs back to help the kid he shot. The damage is done though and he no longer trusts his father. He has a good reason though. Geoffrey isn’t going to save the kid, but use him as a sacrifice for the Pride.

My favorite scene of this episode though is when they’re all hanging out in a restaurant reveling in their powers. For all the evil afoot, these are just kids on a wild ride.  To quote Nico, “I think we’re all scoring pretty high on the freak-o-meter tonight.” To work, the show needs to keep balancing the best of both worlds: superhero drama with teen drama.

Despite their attempts to save Andre, the Pride eludes them. And this time the sacrifice works. With Andre’s death on his conscience, Alex continues to spiral despite his romance with Nico heating up.

Before the episode ends we find out what’s wrong with Victor (besides being unusually nice): he has brain cancer, which explains his changed personality. Much like Victor, Tina also has a change of heart. Instead of punishing Nico for stealing the staff she encourages her to keep it. Oddly, it’s the worst parents who are doing a better job at growing closer to their kids.

Runaways 1.05

We also finally meet the sick man who required the sacrifice. And he’s the same man who visited Geoffrey in prison! And he’s Leslie’s lover! And by the sounds of it, Karolina’s dad???? Roll credits!

Additional thoughts:

  • Gert is the ultimate backseat driver and I’m not at all surprised.
  • “I’m sorry this isn’t one of your grass-fed, free-range sacrifices.”-Catherine, with the ultimate clap-back after Leslie inquires how Geoffrey found a boy with a gun-shot wound.
  • I’m already awarding Runaways as the Marvel show with the best soundtrack.
  • You have to feel back for Frank, you really do. Even his cult-y religon is making him feel rejected.

A new episode of Runaways streams each Tuesday on Hulu. Stay tuned to The Marvel Report for coverage all season long. 


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