Runaways 1.07 Review: “Refraction”

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Runaways 1.07

Let the Past Die

After last week’s many bombshells, the Runaways and Pride members are left picking up the pieces.

Earlier in the episode, we saw a montage of Victor’s life: From a bright young student romancing Janet to the abusive jerk he was up until his brain cancer diagnosis. It appears Victor wants to go back to the former, trying to be a good family man. The future also plays a role here: he gets a message on the time travel technology he showed Chase. In the message future Chase sends him a cryptic warning to not pick up the Fistigons. After Victor leaves for the day Janet tells Chase she’ll support keeping their family together but her expressions and tone betray the fact she still doesn’t forgive Victor, not really.

Nico is also dealing with the fallout of the affair, trying to convince her father to make amends with her mother. She can’t understand that her father might have moved on emotionally.

Moving on to the next couple (sometimes recapping this show does feel more like an episode of Real Housewives of the Pride), Frank whips out some magic/ alien technology gloves and saves a dying church member’s life. Are you confused? Me too. While we saw Jonah pull Frank aside in the last episode, him going from clueless outsider to magic wielder feels like a huge jump. I’m not happy about it. Neither is Leslie.

Molly reveals to the group that Catherine knows she saw the Pride. The older kids are quick to criticize Molly, further isolating her. Between the mystery of her parents and powers, you can’t blame Molly for acting out and wanting someone to help her. Also when she tries to join the dance team a knock-off Cheryl Blossom bullies her. High school is hard! At least Karolina has her back.

“Crocs Are a Gift From God”

If you guessed that last gem is a quote from Dale Yorkes, you would be correct! While researching Jonah’s magical serum Dale accidentally takes a hit. Not a great time to be high since the Wilders are hunting them down about Molly.

Our merry band of cult members reunites when they all arrive at Atlas Academy’s open house. At Jonah’s suggestion/coercion, Leslie tries to repair the broken marriages and keep the Pride together. The Yorkes can’t avoid the Wilders any longer and they reveal what Molly saw, encouraging her parents to send her away for her own safety. To be fair, the Wilders genuinely seem concerned about what Jonah will do, but that doesn’t make it any easier for the Yorkes to send away their own daughter.

The look on Molly’s face when she comes home to her parents packing her suitcases broke my heart into a million pieces. Even more heartbreaking is her moment with Gert, who tells her they’re sisters forever and she will find a way out of this situation.

Runaways 1.07

Back at the Church, Frank confronts Leslie after finding a photo of her and Jonah when she was a child. Weirdly Frank doesn’t seem freaked out that Jonah doesn’t age and is the being Leslie’s father founded the church around.  He is bothered though when Leslie admits her infidelity.

After a quiet period, the danger has ramped up in these final episodes. As previewed earlier in the episode by Dale’s minor withdrawal, Jonah’s healing powers have side effects. Victor’s anger returns worse than ever, and his new lease on life ends early when Janet shoots him to protect Chase. Victor’s choice of weapon?: The Fistigons, which bring future Chase’s prophecy to life.

Additional Thoughts

  • We often praise how the Netflix Marvel shows tackle trauma. I want to extend that kudos to Runaways for its nuanced portrayal of the Stein Family and the many emotional layers of domestic abuse.
  • Wow, I cannot believe that data is still not unencrypted. Maybe they should quit relying on coffee shop wifi?
  • This show should be called “Marvel’s Sent-Aways,” right? (sorry, terrible joke, but I’m morally obligated to mention that they still haven’t run away).

A new episode of Runaways streams each Tuesday on Hulu. Stay tuned to The Marvel Report for coverage all season long. 

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