Runaways 1.08 Review: “Tsunami”

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Runaways 1.08

After last week’s stunning ending, Robert shows up to see Victor dying. Chase wants nothing to do with him, still blaming him for what happened to his parents.

The Pride arrives at the attempted murder scene to Chase’s confusion. He can’t accept the fact that it was Victor’s fault and not the brain tumor or an effect of Jonah’s medicine (which viewers know is a correct guess). Either way, the Pride needs to save Victor or risk the wrath of Jonah.

In a parallel storyline, we find out Alex knows the truth about Amy. Or at least, a truth. He reveals to Nico that right before her death he discovered that Amy’s laptop had been hacked and it had her spooked. The hacker? Tina.

A later flashback shows Amy was hacking her mom first which is why they were tracking her. The Wizard Tech security guard we saw at the fundraiser tells Amy that she has to turn herself in because they’re onto her and it could lead to bigger trouble. This leaves some plot holes to be filled. The only explanation Amy gives for her hacking a major corporation is she wanted to prove she could outsmart her mother. Amy must have hated Tina as much as Nico to commit a felony just to get her attention.

This whole plotline also contradicts Nico’s earlier discovery that Amy was perfectly happy at the time of her death, but with so many storylines being juggled it’s not surprising we have some loose ends (maybe they’ll explain it away later).

All these layers of mystery lead Nico to speculate that Amy killed herself rather than face her mother (again, wow, Tina is scary but not physically abusive like Victor so I don’t know where this is coming from). Nico is more angry with Alex however for keeping all of this secret from her.

Molly arrives at her cousin’s and tells off the Yorkes for abandoning her, but they’re called away to try to help Victor. Too bad they haven’t performed actual medicine in years. Molly later receives a mysterious key her biological parents left her because we definitely need MORE MYSTERIES in this season with two episodes left.

Runaways 1.08

Ironically Chase tries to call Gert for help but when she doesn’t pick up he turns to Karolina and her mother overhears their conversation. After Chase hangs up, Karolina goes to Gert’s house so they can help him together. And Karolina finally meets the dinosaur!

The Yorkes stabilize Victor, but Leslie brings in Frank to fully heal him. It doesn’t work though and Jonah shows up, thanks to Tina’s tip (OK, fine, she really is that evil). Jonah will bring Victor back but only with a sacrifice, and he’s chosen Janet. Jonah later changes his mind saying anyone can be the sacrifice, but Victor is essential to their work.  It devolves into a free for all with Dale and Geoffrey both pulling guns on the group.

Janet offers herself to save Chase’s life, which then causes Robert to try to jump in the box instead. Tina apparently has a heart after all and destroys the box with her staff rather than lose her husband.

In the end, no one is sacrificed and instead, Jonah puts Victor on weird magical life support.

Alex finally unlocks the footage, calling the Runaways together to watch it. Molly also finds the locker for the key left for her and opens it up to find an old VHS.

With all the Runaways except Molly assembled, they decide what to do with the footage. They’re all in agreement to release it except Chase, who thinks his dad’s life depends on the Pride and destroys the laptop.

Back at the Minoru house, Amy’s phone Nico found fully charges to a text message alert warning Amy to leave the house. In a flashback Amy packs her bags and is stopped by a figure in the doorway.

With two episodes left in this season, it looks likely that at least one mystery will be solved.

Additional Thoughts

  • I cringe every time Gert brings up Karolina’s sexuality in a gloating way because she knows it means she has a chance with Chase. It’s downright icky. I’m sure the writers didn’t intend it this way, but it makes Gert less sympathetic.
  • Quote of the episode: “No one enjoys a catfight more than me…and you two going at it would be one for the ages.” – Jonah, when Leslie and Tina almost go at each other. Because when these two finally come to blows it’s going to be epic.

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