Avengers Academy: Best of 2017 Retrospective Mini-Event

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Best of 2017

With 2017 having come to a close, the guys over at Tiny Co want to take a look back at all the events of the year and give the players who missed out on these limited characters. They did something like this for 2016 but this year is a bit different. The Best of 2017 retrospective pretty much has every unlockable character/costume behind the premium wall we all have come to know over the years that this game has been active. If I am being honest, last year’s method worked way better. There are two characters who are not behind that wall and one of the outfits is a craftable outfit but more on that later. Now onto the event!



File:Character Recruited! Odin.png
Wonder who gets him the mug each year?

Get the All-Father for 195 Infinity Shards.

Hank Pym:

File:Character Recruited! Hank Pym.png

Get the original Ant-Man for 595 Infinity Shards.


File:Character Recruited! Heimdall.png
He’s worse than Santa with the whole seeing you when sleeping thing…

Get the protector of the Bifrost for 495 Infinity Shards.


File:Character Recruited! Valkyrie.png
She’s a badass.

Get one of theĀ guardians of Valhalla for 595 Infinity Shards.


File:Character Recruited Star-Lord.png
I still laugh seeing Decent Dancer on there.

Actually, he’s one of the freebies. Enjoy!

Jasper Sitwell:

File:Character Recruited! Jasper Sitwell.png
Still into brains I see?

Get this zombie Agent of SHIELD for 295 Infinity Shards.

Bucky Barnes:

File:Bucky Barnes Recruited.png
Bucky BE: Before Emo

Get the pre-emo Bucky for 595 Infinity Shards.


File:Character Recruited! Spider-Gwen.jpg
Spoiler: She’s not lame.

She’s also a freebie.

Iron Lad:

File:Character Recruited! Iron Lad.png
Will this stop the future from happening? Probably not…

Get this to-be conqueror for 195 Infinity Shards.


File:Character Recruited! Ironheart.png
She’s awesome.

Get the successor to Iron Man for 595 Infinity Shards.


So for the grand prize, the Hulkbuster is back and the heroes from this event will help you craft the items you need to get it in time. So if you really want the armor and have the funds to do so then, by all means, go for it. But here are the costumes for this event.

Bruce Banner Hulk:

File:Outfit Unlocked! Bruce Banner Hulk.png
So… this is a thing.

De-Anger the Hulk for 995 Infinity Shards for this outfit.

Galactic Star-Lord:

File:Outfit Unlocked! Galactic Star-Lord.png
Don’t ever say that again.

Go Galactic with this outfit for 995 Infinity Shards.


File:Outfit Unlocked! Gwenom.png
So punk.

Bond with this outfit for 995 Infinity Shards.

Iron Captain America:

File:Outfit Unlocked Iron Captain America.jpg
I, too, have always wanted one.

Suit up with this outfit for 995 Infinity Shards.

Hulkbuster Iron Man:

File:Outfit Unlocked! Hulkbuster Iron Man.png
Just not this big though.

To unlock the grand prize costume you will need 44 Arc Reactor Plating. To do this you will need to craft it by sending heroes through the portal for Arc Reactors and getting Metal Scraps from the Mission Board.

And that wraps up 2017 for Avengers Academy. Have a favorite event from last year that you want to share? Let me know down in the comments!

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