Avengers Academy: Return of A-Force Event Episode 2

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Return of A-Force

Return of A-Force Episode 2 brings us 1 new character and the chance to recruit 2 old characters from previous events. Also, there are 2 costumes available.


Singularity is back and ready to kick butt once more. To add her to your team you will need 3 Iron Legion Intel from the Chitauri Boss, 5 Bunnies from the Wormhole Module, 18 Stars from the Mission Board, and 2,500 Membership Cards.

The Iron Legion Robot is one of the new characters for the event and to have them join the team you will need 7 Iron Legion Intel, 7 Stark Chips that drop from the Ultron Flag, 58 Artifical Brains from the Mission Board, and 6,000 Membership Cards.

The last character for the episode is Red Hulk who is a premium character this time around and is available for 495 Shards.


There are two costumes for this episode. I think they are both old costumes as well.

You can get Classic Captain Marvel from the Classic Captain Crate for 75 Shards each opening.

You can get Singularity’s Healer outfit by getting 55 Blueberries from the Chitauri Boss.


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