Avengers Academy: Return of A-Force Event Episode 3

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Return of A-Force

As the finale for the event, there is a lot to grab before it is gone. There are two grand prize heroes, on top of everything else so let’s dive right on in.


America Chavez returns and is also really ready to kick butt once more. To have her join your school, if you haven’t already added her, you will need 3 Chitauri Intel from defeating Proxima Midnight, 5 Sharks from the Plush Shark, 20 Bubblegum from the Mission Board, and 3,000 Membership Cards.

The Chitarui Soldier is the new recruitable and to get them you will need 7 Chitauri Intel, 7 Universal Translators from the Spirit of Xandar, 54 Chitarui Cybernetics from the Mission Board, and 6,000 Membership Cards.

The final premium character is Crimson Dynamo. She’s available for 895 Shards.


There are 3 costumes for this final episode.

Asgard Assassin Angela is available for 55 Angelic Helmets from Proxima Midnight and 20,000 Membership Cards.

The Knight America Chavez costume is available for 36 Red Hoodies from Proxima Midnight.

The final costume is Lady Loki and is available for 245 Shards.

Grand Prize:

If you hadn’t received the Grand Prize from the last A-Force event then Captain Marvel is available once more for 3 Astronaut Helmets (1 Yellow, 1 Purple, and 1 Red) from each of the bosses from the event as well as 6,000 Membership Cards.

The real Grand Prize is Newscaster Supreme, yes she’s the one that intro’s all the events and now she can be a part of the team, and you can obtain her for 15 Notepads from Proxima Midnight, 12 Microphones from the Black Order Headquarters, 51 Ear Pieces from the Mission Board, and 4,000 Membership Cards.



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