Dan Slott Leaves Amazing Spider-Man for Iron Man

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Dan Slott Leaves Amazing Spider-Man for Iron Man

Today, Dan Slott confirmed his departure from Amazing Spider-Man with the title’s 801st issue. Fans speculated Slott’s departure when Amazing Spider-Man #797 was solicited. During an interview with Vulture.com, Slott confirms the news and announces his next Marvel project, Iron Man. Also shortly after the interview went online, Slott changed his twitter avatar from Spidey’s mask to Iron Man’s Silver Age helmet.


Dan Slott appears to have no regrets leaving the web head. Slott told Vulture, “This was a long time coming. I had all these benchmarks I really wanted to hit.” Dan Slott’s Spider-Man stories definitely changed the status quo. Slott set up Peter Parker with new jobs that involved his aptitude for science. He set up larger stories that involved multiple spider-people, such as Spider-Island and Spider-Verse. However the main thing fans remember from Slott’s run is The Superior Spider-Man series. This arc saw Doctor Octopus replacing Peter Parker (both costume and body) as the titular protagonist.



Dan Slott Amazing Spider-Man #797 Alternate CoverDan Slott Amazing Spider-Man #797 Unfinished Page - 01Dan Slott Amazing Spider-Man #797 Unfinished Page - 02

Dan Slott Amazing Spider-Man #797 Unfinished Page - 03












Slott also expressed his enthusiasm for writing Iron Man. In the interview he said Tony Stark “makes himself the superhero. He makes himself into the thing he wants.” Based on Dan Slott’s work on Amazing Spider-Man and Silver Surfer, I can’t wait to read what he writes next.


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