REVIEW: Phoenix Resurrection: The Return Of Jean Grey #3 – “Patches”

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Title: Chapter Three: A Constellation Of Them All
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Penciler: Joe Bennett
Inker: Loreno Ruggiero
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Variant Cover Artists: Stephanie Hans; In-Hyuk Lee; Victor Hugo
Release Date: 12/27/17
Rating: Rated T+
Price: $4.99

Phoenix Resurrection #3 Cover

Jean Grey is a founding member of The X-Men and X-Factor, and frequent host to the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force. Being an Omega-Level Mutant made her a perfect host for the Phoenix, which has bonded the two and has Jean often rising from the dead. Shortly after gaining complete control of the Phoenix, Jean is killed by the villain, which she has yet to rise from again….

Strange psychic occurrences have been happening all over the world, very specific spots, culminating in the manifestation of a giant bird flaring out of the son, and an explosion on the moon. All of these lead to one conclusion, the Phoenix is back, and could the mysterious Jeanie be the its favorite host?

Phoenix Resurrection #3-1

Plot:  Jeanie continues to have weird dreams and encounters that has her questioning her sanity, meanwhile the X-Men discover that Jean Grey’s grave is empty and all points lead to New Mexico.

Phoenix Resurrection #3-2

Story:  Jeanie has a daydream about crashing while piloting a space shuttle in Jamaica Bay. She wakes up to find herself in a supermarket with broken water bottles around her, where she is told she had a nasty spill. Meanwhile in Jamaica Bay, New York a father and son are fishing and discover that the fish are popping up dead just before a giant fiery Phoenix rises from the water.

These scene were very powerful for long time X-Men fans like myself as they represent a significant event for both Jean and the Phoenix, which was the first emergence of the Phoenix in Jamaica Bay after Jean crashes the shuttle.

Phoenix Resurrection #3-3

Jeanie unable to start her car takes it to the garage where a familiar Canuck rolls from under it and we find out that the mechanic’s name is Patch, an identity that Wolverine has taken many times over the years. After Logan/Patch makes a pass at her she instinctively reacts by shoving him using her telekinetic powers resulting in a screwdriver stabbing him in the shoulder. Patch then removed it as it healed freaking her out causing her to walk home. On the way she is followed by a woman who turns out to be Jean Grey in the Phoenix costume, informing Jeanie they need to talk.

I love how this story is unfolding before Jeanie. This picture perfect world in which she has created is slowly closing in on her, the Phoenix is slowly burning it all away. The little things are building letting Jeanie know that things are not what they appear to be, memories, and phantoms are leaking through.

Phoenix Resurrection #3-4

The X-Men decide to check to see if the Phoenix has come for Jean Grey again and they are shocked to see her casket is in deed empty. Kitty declares that they need Cerebro up and running and she has just the psychic to use it for them after Hank has it ready to go. They go visit Emma, who says she knows where Jean would go, a memory Scott would often return to where he was with Jean, New Mexico. The X-Men go and visit the place seeing nothing, but have this overwhelming desire to leave, which prompts Magik to strike the air with her Soulsword revealing a telekinetic dome, and opening a door.

Phoenix Resurrection #3-5

This is what I love about this mini, each issue has me wanting more, not next week, but NOW! I am super pumped by this event so far and love that Marvel is returning my favorite X-Man after so many years.

Art:  The art here is solid. When I saw that each issue would feature a different artist, I was worried that we would get rushed and uneven art style, but so far the art has melded nicely. I would of course like a little more detail, but overall I think Bennett and Ruggiero did a solid job, and Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors tie the whole book together very nicely, especially when paired with the other issues.

Phoenix Resurrection #3-6

Verdict: Overall this issue was another hit for me. I am loving Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey and find myself anxiously awaiting issue after issue. Marvel made a great call in making this a weekly event, because I might have gone nuts a month waiting for the next issue. Now with that said, and my love for this event very clear, I can honestly say I think this will make for a better trade read, just because I do need that next issue right after I read the current one. I highly recommend picking this issue, and this event up.

Rating: 4 ½  out of 5 Stars.

Phoenix Resurrection #3 Rating

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