‘The Hunt for Wolverine’ to Reveal How Logan Returned

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Anyone who read the Marvel Legacy #1 one-shot was likely shocked to see the X-Men’s Logan show up to pull out the Power Stone. How exactly did he get one of the six all-powerful Infinity Stones? Hang on, let’s back it up a step further. How is Logan even alive in the first place? He was pretty definitively dead at the end of 2014’s Death of Wolverine series.

Those answers are now set to come in The Hunt for Wolverine: Alpha #1, a special one-shot written by Death of Wolverine scribe Charles Soule with art by David Marquez. The issue is set to release in April. According to the Marvel news post, this 40-page story, featuring cover art by the original series artist Steve McNiven, will reveal the timeline leading up to Logan’s sudden return. The story will then split off into four other one-shots set to be release in May. All of these stories will feature distinctly different literary genres, showing the versatility of Logan’s character over his decades of existence.Those stories will  include Adamantium Agenda (action/adventure), Claws of the Killer (horror), Mystery in Madripoor (dark romance), and Weapon Lost (noir/detective).  

All of these stories are set to lead to a summer event, in which Logan’s return will have a distinct impact on both the X-Men (including, most likely, current All-New Wolverine Laura Kinney) and the Marvel Universe as a whole.

However, Logan’s presence will be felt in the Marvel Universe long before that. He’s set to be a key character in March’s Infinity Countdown series, which kicks off in February with Infinity Countdown Prime from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Deodato. That’ll be the story where readers likely learn exactly how the original Wolverine came to find the Power Stone and exactly what his intentions are with it.

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