Avengers Academy 2.0 Update

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Avengers Academy

So after the many events this past year, I was delighted to see this update for Avengers Academy coming.  Huge shoutout to my friend Kyle @Deadpool_Ranger on Twitter for keeping me updated on all these things coming. Also, brace for a lot of pictures because there is a lot of new stuff in this update.

The first thing you will notice is that the loading screen has changed and features a more dynamic team of Avengers doing Avengers things.

New Changes:

Immediately after, the game lets you know of one of the changes. That change is the rank up system. It takes a lot of the bulk of your old rank up materials and converts them to the new. It is a little dense to go into right here, but I’ll get more into that later.

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Daily Login Bonus:

We are also introduced to the login bonus system that the game will be utilizing to allow us to recruit a new hero onto the team, Voyager. So as you log in you will gain a reward (credits, rank up items, or tokens) so even if you don’t really have the time to play you should at least open the app and grab your reward for the day.

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Mission Board:

This got a major overhaul. The missions are now divided into 4 categories (Missions, Goals, Daily, and Hero) and you now also have the ability to level up the board itself. Missions are the general tasks for your heroes and you are rewarded with stamina (more on this later).  Goals are probably more oriented around recruiting new heroes, not sure though since I only have 2 goals at the time of writing this and both are hero recruiting related. Daily is sort of self-explanatory as they refresh every day and give you XP. And finally, Hero Missions are ones pertaining to each character’s questlines and reward you with credits. As it stands normal missions no longer provide rank up materials.

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Maps and Battling:

This feature used to be exclusive to events but has now rolled out into the main story for the school. It is now a lot more in-depth than the system used for the events in that the class system has changed and now you can train heroes to power them up outside of events. You can now have up to 5 heroes with you in each encounter and each brings their own unique animations to the fight. Each hero is classified into 1 of 3 groups. Tanks are the front line heroes and take the hits first due to having a higher HP, healers make up the second line of defense and have the ability to heal the party at later levels, and the last line is for the attackers who typically have a higher damage output but less health. Right now only a handful of characters are available, mostly the non-event heroes (Coulson, Wiccan, and I guess Mockingbird being the exceptions), but as the update continues to refine itself more heroes should be available especially event heroes for the future events.

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The maps work the same as before. You have to beat one encounter to get to the next and you gain rewards along the way. This time the story is more attached to it so you will get conversations with characters before and after boss fights. There are 7 zones and each has around 10 fights on Normal, and 10 fights on Heroic. Each ends with a boss fight.

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Hero Management:

The name pretty much explains it, but here you can upgrade your heroes’ skills, rank them up, and a bunch of other stuff that I am still in the process of figuring out. Rarity allows you to increase all of the stats of your character. It is a lot to take in and I will update this accordingly.

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Hero Types:

Heroes are classified further into 5 different types: Physical, Science, Tech, Mystic, and Cosmic. Each type has a new corresponding building that helps increase the stats of each character in that type. They are also required to upgrade the mission board. Also, that is why the old upgrade items were converted into the 5 new ones you see when you open the game. Each one represents a specific hero type.

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For now, that’s about it but I will update this as more stuff occurs.

And, as always, check back here for more on Avengers Academy as the heroes prepare for the toughest fight yet.

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