Avengers Academy: Black Panther Event

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Black Panther

This event is the first one of the new update. It has some things that we kind of need to grow used to if we continue playing the game. It’s no longer an episode based system and instead kind of breaks itself into levels. Characters are now recruited using Character shards as opposed to a lot of random items. Costumes still require items be earned. Also, Thor and Valkyrie are here because of the home release for the third Thor film. So let’s dive into the event.

To get any of the items for the event you will need to play the new battle mechanics and get them as rewards.


For Black Panther, you will need 10 of his shards which cost 15 Dora Milaje Spears per shard for a total of 150 Spears.

For Okoye, you only need 10 of her shards but there’s only an option to get 80 shards for 1,120 Dora Milaje Spears.

For Thor, you will need 200 Dora Milaje Spears for 10 of his shards.

For Valkyrie, you need 70 Vibranium Energy Daggers for her 10 Shards.

And for Shuri, you will need 550 Vibranium Energy Daggers.


For the Royal Black Panther costume, you need 80 Wakandan Flags which can be found in battles 1:2, 1:12, and 2:2.

For Ronin Hawkeye, you will need 63 Coffee Pots from battle 3:2.

The final costume is Captain America Winter Soldier and you will need 82 Captain America Hoodies from battle 3:12.

And that’s it for the first event of the new update.

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