SHIELD 100: Agents of SHIELD’s Top Five Performances

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As the 100th episode of Agents of SHIELD ticks closer we are looking back at its most iconic moments. Throughout five seasons the show has prided itself on reinvention, diversity, inclusion, and creating unique and exciting moments for fans of the Marvel Universe.The fourth and fifth season of the show have never been better, introducing iconic heroes and crafting new ones. After that first pod finale it’s time to begin looking toward the future.

The 100th episode premieres March 9th, and we’re committed to bringing you new content spotlighting our favorite moments from the show! That’s right, every Friday we’ll be dropping new articles featuring our top favorite performances, character arcs, episodes, and much much more to get you guys ready for the episode Clark Gregg promised would be a “gamechanger”. It’s already been filmed (they even celebrated with a special cake) but it’s – important to count just how far they’ve come – starting from the bottom and getting to the top as Marvel’s flagship series.

Right now the gang is in space and they’ve already delivered some heartbreaking performances. From Fitz doing everything he can to get back to Simmons (and finally planning on tying the knot) to Ming Na’s heart-wrenching performance finally being the mother the fandom has known she could be it has been an emotional ride. They’re in a never-ending time loop but they’ve faced far worse odds.

In that spirit, let’s take a look at the top five performances from the Agents of SHIELD cast. Ready? Strap in agents and let’s go!


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