Black Panther Officially the Largest Superhero Movie in US

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Black Panther

For the past month and a half, Black Panther continued to break records at the box office and hold a number one spot. It has officially passed The Avengers as the highest grossing Superhero movie in the United States. The Avengers finished its box office run at $623 million and Black Panther is already at $633 million in its sixth week in theaters.

Even on its sixth week of release, according to the Guardian, it still rendered an amazing $6,630 million, while Avengers made $6,23.4 million. Keep in mind, this is despite the fact that the film was pushed from number one at the box office by Pacific Rim 2 for the first time in five weeks.

Now that Black Panther has past Avengers and The Last Jedi on the all-time box office list, The Guardian says we could see the movie passing Jurassic World, which finished at $652 million, domestically. Black Panther might even pass the Titanic, which is sitting at #3.

It doesn’t seem like the hype for Black Panther is slowing down at all. The movie came at a perfect time to give African Americans the voice they need in the community, as well as in Hollywood. We can only hope that we see more Marvel movies with a wider diversity making box office strides like Black Panther.

Until then, we sit and wait to see more of T’Challa and Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War, which opens April 27. 

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