#SHIELD100: Spotlight on Chloe Bennet on Agents of SHIELD

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5. 1×19 The Only Light in the Darkness 

Our first introduction to the depth of Ward’s betrayal came from Skye, the person who had trusted him the most. While the betrayal shook the team to the core, Skye (who would soon become Daisy) managed to convey heartache, loss, and stone cold steely determination all in one fell swoop. It was only a taste of what Chloe was capable of and the beginning of Daisy’s transformation from a bystander, into a superhero.

4. 2×15 One Door Closes 

Skye manipulating water Agents of SHIELD

The second season saw the growth of Skye’s character, recognizing her abilities and starting to hone her power that would lead her into becoming Daisy. While she’s talking to Gordon and begins to shape the water in the faucets was a masterclass in empathy and vulnerability. After Ward’s betrayal, Skye tried to shut off her emotions but discovering her powers and abilities made her ready to embrace her eventual transformation into Daisy and some degree of healing from that traumatic event.

3. 2×19 The Dirty Half Dozen

Do we need to say it? It is just as important to spotlight Chloe Bennet and her physical prowess. It is just as important as an emotional performance for an actor, and the one-take fight scene crafted by Kevin Tancharoen was an iconic moment for the series. Hours of training, practice, and above all safety led to an incredible sequence that surprised the heck out of everyone in the best way. Chloe Bennet, Skye, Daisy Johnson proved her real life superhero status by going through it and playing through the pain as she broke her arm performing the stunt. Time for us to tip our hats. Interested in catching it again? 

2. 4×01 The Ghost 

Chloe Bennet The Ghost Agents of SHIELD

Season 3 saw Daisy Johnson become head of the Secret Warriors, start to build a home for herself and other Inhumans at SHIELD, and own being a superhero to the world at large. It ultimately ended in tragedy after Coulson killing Ward led to Hive being unleashed on the planet, becoming a threat to every Inhuman there. The battle saw the loss of multiple people including Andrew Garner and Lincoln Campbell, Daisy’s boyfriend.

Lincoln made a huge impact on Daisy and their final goodbye was reminiscent of Peggy saying goodbye to Captain America, with far less positive results. Ultimately Daisy fled SHIELD, taking time to process her grief to try and find healing. After everything she went through in the first three seasons trying to be a hero and live up to Coulson’s standards, she took a turn on the dark side which resulted in her being herself in one of the most epic season premieres yet.

1. 4×15 Self Control 

Quake LMDs

“Self Control” has been widely called one of the best episodes of Agents of SHIELD. It sets everyone on edge and spotlights the women of the show from Elizabeth Henstridge’s brutal and heartbreaking turn against LMD Fitz to Ming Na’s sacrifice as LMDMay. The moment that makes this episode a stand out, indeed the moment that brings this to the top of our list, is a moment of bonding between Simmons and Daisy where the former is terrified, shaking and heartbroken after destroying the LMD Fitz, and the latter is a source of comfort. It’s the culmination of everything that Daisy has endured up until this moment, setting the stage for the Framework, and it demonstrates Chloe’s ability to not only shine, but to shine with others. It sets the stage for a very epic team-up that hadn’t been seen and celebrates friendship and female excellence.

That’s our list, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss the character’s meaning, indeed the character’s purpose with the fans themselves. We reached out to a few friends of The Marvel Report to ask them just what they thought of Daisy Johnson, Chloe Bennet, and how she’s inspired them. They’re a small fraction of the massive fanbase that the star has developed. Read on.


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