REVIEW: Marvel Two-In-One #4 – “Ben and Johnny’s Bogus Adventure”

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Marvel Two-In-One #4
Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Penciller: Valerie Schitti
Colorist: Frank Martin
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 03/14/18
Rating: T

Marvel Two-In-One

Plot: Ben and Johnny’s multiverse trip begins here. With the help of Rachna Koul, the trio use Reed’s device, the Multisect, to find the Richards family and restore Johnny and Ben’s powers. However, the first world they visit is one where the team’s first encounter with Galactus ended differently.

Story: The Galactus Trilogy arc ended differently on the trip’s first stop. On this Earth, Ben Grimm died during the battle and Doctor Doom saved the Earth by merging with Galactus. I enjoy how the first Earth referenced one of the best Fantastic Four stories. Hopefully the next stops on Ben and Johnny’s adventure feature more alternate versions of the Fantastic Four’s greatest hits. This would be a great way to review the Fantastic Four’s history while building up their eventual reunion.

Plus visiting alternate Earths that feature Fantastic Four events keeps an excellent focus on the narrative. Last issue Ben and Johnny learn that the longer they’re separated from Reed and Sue, the sooner their powers will burn out. So now their mission becomes more about restoring their powers instead of just reuniting their family.

Additionally we learn a bit more in this issue about Rachna Koul. This issue opens up with Rachna saying goodbye to a comatose loved one before meeting up with Ben and Johnny. Also Rachna’s dialogue implies that the real reason she’s helping our heroes is so she can find a cure somewhere in the Multiverse. Up to this point Rachna had been the stereotypical introverted genius, but this scene helps giver her character more depth.

Art: Valerio Schitti designed some awesome new costumes in this issue. First off we open up on Johnny and Ben sporting new Fantastic Four uniforms. These new suits look more tactical and designed for Multiversal exploration. Plus I like how the suits have some blue but it’s not the suits’ primary color. This reflects how Ben and Johnny are taking their first steps to reunite the team. If the whole team comes back then we’ll probably see more blue in their suits. Also I really liked Schitt’s costumes for Wolverine and She-Hulk on the alternate Earth.

This issue had also had a great closing shot. This Earth’s Hank McCoy (Beast) explains to Ben and Johnny how Doctor Doom merged with Galactus. When the merger was complete Doom inherited Galactus’s power and his hunger. While Doom did not eat the Earth, he satisfied his hunger by eating every other planet in the universe. We then get a chilling shot of Earth with a single sun and some type of ring surrounded by pitch black darkness. This feels like a reference to Secret Wars when Doom was a god and made Battleworld the only planet in the universe. Plus this creates the idea that if Doom rules Earth, it will survive but it could be the only world.

Verdict: Marvel Two-In-One continues to be a fantastic series. This definitely feels like a Fantastic Four title at the series’ core. This title continues to set up an FF reunion in an exciting and entertaining way. Plus there’s a deeper meaning behind this journey beyond Ben and Johnny just reuniting their family. Overall, if you miss the Fantastic Four you should be reading Marvel Two-In-One.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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