The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the June 2018 Marvel Solicitations

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Another month, another set of Marvel solicits to pore through. Join the Marvel Reporters as we gather our thoughts, questions and concerns regarding Marvel’s solicitations for June 2018. Our friends over at Comic Frontline have compiled the full list, so feel free to check out the offerings and then read on to learn our takes! Let us know which titles most excite you in the comments below.

Commentators: Jay, KatLouisTatiana

Editor: Tatiana


Jay: This is a given. Black Panther has done really well in the box office and the phrase Wakanda Forever has been everywhere, so of course Marvel is going to cash in. It’s just good business, and why not start with Spider-Man?

Tatiana: I love that the success of Black Panther has given Marvel the incentive to branch out with the world of Wakanda, especially in terms of the Dora Milaje. It’ll definitely be fun to see them team up with Peter in light of Infinity War, and I’m so excited that Okoye is going to be in the story as well. This is one instance where the movies inspiring the comics is just fine by me.

THOR #1 & 2

Jay: I am looking forward to the return of Odinson, but still can’t wait to read the end of Jane’s run. It is the hundreds of new hammers that intrigue me the most. I have a feeling we are in for an Oprah moment event coming. “And you get a hammer, and you get a hammer, and you get a hammer, everybody gets a HAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!” For #2, I’m not surprised to see Skurge given the movie appearance. This sounds really good, especially with his brother.

Tatiana: I’m certainly interested in what Jason Aaron has in store for Thor now that he’s regained his title, but I’m more sad about Jane’s fate than anything else. The reunion with Balder in Thor #2 sure sounds interesting, though.

Kat: I’m going to miss Jane.

Louis: I’m a little curious about Jason Aaron’s new direction for the Odinson. Also the plot for the second issue sounds awesome, with a hint of Ragnarok (the movie, not the event).


Tatiana: The search for Tony feels like it’s taken forever, so I hope Dan Slott as something exciting in store for his return. And I echo the concerns about Riri, because I have grown remarkably fond of her want her to still have time

Jay: I am excited for this run, and the return of Tony Stark, but also worried about Riri’s place in the Marvel Universe, I hope Ironheart sticks around. I also hope they actually stick with the promise of doing the various armors, it seems like every team promises this, gives us it maybe for a few issues then forgets it.

Kat: I’m excited to see Dan Slott’s take on Tony, I think his humor will benefit the book.

Louis: Dan Slott is writing Iron Man. I enjoyed his run on Amazing Spider-Man, and I can’t wait to read his take on the Armored Avenger. Also based on the new suits he gave Spidey, I’m excited to see Slott create new armor for Tony.


Tatiana: Al Ewing’s done some interesting work with the Inhumans, so I’m ready to see what he might bring the Hulk’s way. I’m a little wary of this delayed resurrection thing, but I’m willing to check it out.

Jay: Hmmmm, this is a weird solicitation. Does this mean that Banner only turns into The Hulk when he is killed now? Is this his new thing? We will have to see, I guess.


Tatiana: I’ve gotten so attached to Gerry Duggan’s Deadpool run that it’ll be hard for me to let it go, but I’m intrigued by Wade going back to the mercenary business. I just hope the changes feel earned and not like we’re literally starting all over.

Jay: I am weary on this. Duggan got me into reading Deadpool on a consistent basis, but this may be a regression in more than just the numbering. I fear this will be a regression back to the days where I would buy Deadpool monthly (due to me being a completist) but only read it here and there in small doses because it was just too much.


Kat: We all know that this is coming out because of the movie, but I am interested to see this father and daughter story between Nadia and Hank.

Jay: I guess Nadia is the comics version of Hope given they are both the daughters of Hank Pym, so is Scott going to hook up with a woman barely older than his daughter? I like the characters but come one couldn’t we get Jan here? Why is she being so overlooked.

Tatiana: My only exposure to Scott Lang has been the movie(s) and the Alias comic, so I’m looking forward to seeing how he gets along with Nadia. I hope it’s not romantic, though, seeing as she’s still a teen. And I hope we see more Janet, because I love her mother-daughter bonde with Nadia.

Louis: I’m glad this will be just 5 issues, because Scott Lang and Nadia Pym really haven’t teamed-up previously. It’s hard to say how they work together. Thankfully, Mark Waid is writing it so this title will be more than a cash grab for the first movie after Infinity War.


Jay: The solicitation said it he is only “a handful of people’s favorite X-Man.” All I am saying is if Multiple Man can return from the Terrigenesis Virus, then Scott Summers (Cyclops) better return! I mean we have Jean back, how great will their reunion be? And yes, I know this is a Multiple Man solicitation and I am talking about Cyclops and Jean, because no one cares about Multiple Man. But his return opens doors!

Tatiana: I’m laughing because they have my number. I don’t even know who Multiple Man is, but I love comics with self-awareness and referential humor, which I feel this one will have plenty of.

Kat: I love how indie this feels. This is the way to sell a character like Multiple Man.

Louis: This title has my curiosity since Jamie died in Death of X. Plus Multiple Man was the breakout character of Peter David’s X-Factor title.


Jay: Deadpool movie = influx of Deadpool books.

Tatiana: This sounds pretty similar to the other new Deadpool run, so I’m not sure what the point of doubling up is. Perhaps they’re set in different time periods?


Tatiana: Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel are two of my favorite titles, so I’m onboard for this team-up. Besides, this is giving me a DC Superhero Girls vibe (sorry for the cross-promotion!), and I’m all for that.

Jay: I am honestly looking forward to this book. I want to see what Marvel actually does with the Marvel Rising initiative.


Tatiana: Multiple personalities are making a comeback in Marvel comics, I see. I have to admit I didn’t read of Moon Knight, but I heard mostly great things about it. And I’m always a fan of exploring duality in characters.

Louis: This isn’t a character I’d immediately read, but I’ll give any title by Jeff Lemire a chance. Also given the Sentry’s dual personality with the Void it could be similar to Lemire’s run on Moon Knight.

Jay: PLEASE do not let this become Lemire’s Moon Knight run all over again. I do not want to explore the mental illness of The Sentry issue after issue. I do not want them contemplating his existence, or the Void’s. Just separate the two and give him an opposite number born from him, and stop thinking too much about The Sentry. Oh yeah, bring back Hyperion too.


Jay: Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme is not Alien Supreme? He is using Science in place of Magic and is traveling in space? I am not sure about this one.

Tatiana: I like the idea of seeing heroes out of their element every once in awhile, but a whole series about it may throw me off. Also, why does it look like there’s a Na’vi on the cover?

Louis: The doctor is in space. However, Mark Waid is writing it. This idea sounds crazy; crazy enough to work.


Jay: Ok, this event isn’t even here yet and I am already done with it. They are already milking the cow, and he isn’t even fully back yet.

Tatiana: The only thing that excites me is seeing Misty Knight versus(?) Logan at some point. Otherwise I’m pretty meh on this whole thing.


Jay: Ok, so this isn’t just another Infinity event, this is also an Ultron event. So maybe this could be Age of Ultron done right? I hope it all ends with Hank Pym returning, and Ultron free.

Tatiana: I don’t really care for Ultron, so this isn’t really calling to me.


Jay: The dumbest thing in the event so far was when Wolverine left the Space Stone in her toilet tank.

Tatiana: Hey, I’m just glad she’s alive.


Jay: I cannot wait until I read this. I am glad that Darkhawk is returning and getting some love. Not to mention I like the continuation of this story.

Tatiana: I hope we get to see Rich Rider in this story!



Jay: I am all down for the Champions to act like heroes again.

Tatiana: I love how much the Nova Corps are being incorporated into this story. That was a totally accidental pun, but then I italicized it and now it’s a purposeful one.



Jay: Do we need this?

Tatiana: No, we don’t. But I will give anything written by Saladin Ahmed a chance.



Jay: We have had more Ms. Marvel Vs Captain Marvel than we have had them on the same side. Enough already. Sam better stay as Nova!

Tatiana: I was just about to say, I’m tired of Kamala and Carol fighting each other. But I’m definitely not tired of Sam, so he better stick around.

Louis: The only intriguing thing in this solicit is “Nova no more?!” Sam Alexander is one of my favorite younger Marvel heroes. If Nova loses his powers, this should be something explored in his own title or mini-series.


Jay: I am still on the fence about this one. I love the Avengers, and that the big 3 are back on it but not sure about the story.

Tatiana: I have had my fill of Loki, honestly. In general, I tend to be more invested in solo titles than team-ups.


Jay: Mark Waid’s run has been ok, but nothing that made me go crazy for it.

Tatiana: ‘m a sucker for family storylines, so I’m already intrigued.

Louis: So the grandson of Captain America is sick. Kind of wish this twist wasn’t revealed in a solicitation. Aw, who am I kidding? This title’s still awesome.


Kat: Interesting to see this Annual take the story from JJ’s point of view. He’s been the best part of this series.

Tatiana: Love Zdarsky’s writing and interested in Jonah unraveling.

Jay: I am tired of JJ knowing the secret. This to me is on the level of Peter telling the world he was Spider-Man of bad mistakes.


Jay: The Vedomi? NO! Just stop it now. I knew nothing good could come of Spidey traveling through time.

Tatiana: As long as this storyline doesn’t last too long, I can roll with it.

Jay: This sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see the origin of his Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D., the correct diagnosis of Multiple Personalities). This is something that we never explored before, where was that break?


Jay: Now this has my Jay Senses tingling! Mysterious but enough to have peaked my interest.

Tatiana: I’m a big fan of this run so far, and I’m highly invested in how things with Mister Sinister turn out.

Louis: Spider-Family Vs. Mister Sinister! ‘Nuff said.


Kay: I can’t wait to see how the world reacts to this news, and how this is going to change her life.

Tatiana: Trial of the Gwen? Oh my, sign me up!

Jay: WOW, the trial of Gwen Stacy! This is going to be good!


Kat: I hope that Dan Slott goes out with a big bang to follow up his Spidey legacy.

Jay:  Better live up to this build up!

Louis: Kind of weird to end a big run with the first issue after the X00th one. Dan Slott’s Spider-Man run was one of the reasons I got back into Marvel comics. I have no doubt he can deliver an impressive finale.

Tatiana: Definitely going to miss Dan Slott’s version of this character.

VENOM #2 & #3

Jay: Ok, so the little tease in #2 is already nulled in #3 LOL. But the premise sounds interesting.

Tatiana: I’m laughing at the suspense over Eddie Brock surviving not even being an issue, but I look forward to seeing some Miles Morales interaction.


Jay: Do not screw with me Marvel DO NOT SCREW WITH ME! Ben better live!!!! Just saying!

Tatiana: This Horcrux situation with Ben sounds kind of interesting, even if I have a hard time believing that Marvel is going to kill him off.


Kat: I’m surprised that Doctor Doom is still Infamous Iron Man at this point.

Tatiana: Doom being the victim now? Okay, I can dig that.

Jay: I need to see the Council of Reeds NOW!

Louis: Doctor Doom vs the Council of Reeds. Why does this remind me of Rick and Morty’s third season premiere?



Louis: So it looks like Johnny and Ben will deal with an evil Spider-Man. This could be fun seeing their reaction to an evil version of the FF’s greatest ally.

Tatiana: The premise of this comic honestly depresses me, but I’m loving it so far and I’m sure that will continue.



Jay: I like the True Believers comics they allow you to get these cheap reprints so you no longer have to dig out the original copies.

Tatiana: It’s great to make all these classic stories available to the public for little to nothing. Now to see if the old stories hold up…


Tatiana: Scott having to fill Hank’s shoes is a very interesting story to me. 

Jay: Sounds fun.


Kat: FINALLY! I can’t wait to see the spotlight shine on this underrated mutant.

Tatiana: This is giving me a Jem and the Holograms vibe, which I am all for. Plus, Magdalene Visaggio is a genius.

Jay: I am already over this. Kat is going nuts over it, and I will never hear the end of this.


Jay: Seriously Marvel will do ANYTHING to gut the wallet for money. It’s the 50th issue, even though we are on issue #31 and you know we are going to restart this with a #1 soon, but we want to charge you more money so we will make this an anniversary issue anyway.

Tatiana: I’m a little offended that they aren’t numbering this #50, but a sleepover with Kamala and her friends sounds like just what I want to read. And I want to see what all the other authors contribute.


Jay: This sounds really interesting.

Tatiana: A fight for the survival of all the personalities? I would pick up the series just to read this issue.


Jay: Sounds very generic Daredevil to me.

Tatiana: Yeah, this doesn’t tell me anything. Which is fine, because I only pick up Daredevil if Elektra is around.



Jay: Didn’t we already see this fight in like #2?

Tatiana: If I never read another Venom crossover story again, it’ll still be too soon.



Tatiana: I echo this sentiment, especially after so much time has passed.


Jay: Oh wow, I hope it isn’t Karolina and Julie. Kat may never get over this one.

Tatiana: As long as the fan-favorite relationship isn’t Nico and Karolina, which hasn’t even started yet, I’ll be alright.

Kat: I wonder if this will take place at Molly’s school since the story is focusing on a middle schooler.


Jay: Princess Fisk? Really? Really? WOW! Just WOW!

Tatiana: I’m already sold on this storyline.


Jay: I am loving X-Men Red! I can not wait to read this, I am loving the story so far!

Tatiana: Love older Jean Grey leading a team and looking forward to this issue.

X-MEN BLUE #29 & #30

Jay: Ok Marvel, pick a side. Is Daken good or bad. I am sick and tired of this line he walks. He isn’t even an ambiguous character like Venom, he literally flops between good and evil. I like the Daken we had in All-New Wolverine.

Tatiana: I can’t really bring myself to care about Jimmy, sorry.

X-MEN GOLD #29 & #30

Jay: I am very much looking forward to the wedding of Kitty and Peter, despite how creepily their relationship started. But again #30 nulls the suspense in the solicitation for #29 LOL.

Tatiana: There’s nothing I love more than a good wedding issue.

Kat: You know I am here for this!


Jay: Stop with the acronyms, Marvel! Just have S.H.I.EL.D. The rest, stop!

Tatiana: Superheroes facing off against Russians? How apropos.


Jay: After reading #1, I wanted better. But I am a fan of the characters so I am in still.

Tatiana: Characters dying off already? Well, alright.


Jay: I honestly like Weapon H, he is an interesting character, but not sure how long of a shelf life he has.

Tatiana: Too many weapons in this alphabet.

CABLE #158

Jay: I was thinking “ehh” until I saw that the original team was going to be there.

Tatiana: I’m a big fan of dealing with characters’ insecurities and facing their pasts.

Kat: I feel like this series is finally hitting the points it needs to.


Jay: I love the original Exiles and this seems to have that same flavor to it.

Tatiana: Ben Grimm as Blackbeard? Color me intrigued.


Jay: This will still be going on in June?

Tatiana: Honestly, there’s too many X-Men titles for me to keep up, but this sounds like an ending.

Louis: That last line makes this sound like a final issue. I hope that’s not the case, because this is the only X-Men title I’m still reading. Although if this leads to a spinoff featuring the resurrected Charles Xavier, that’d be awesome.


Jay: Love the solicitations, I am sold.

Tatiana: Daddy-daughter time with Scott and Cassie sounds like the best kind of Ant-Man story.

Kat: Three of my favs in one book, sign me up!!!

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