Avengers: Infinity War Fashion from Her Universe

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Can’t get enough of Avengers: Infinity War? Do you want to show your Marvel pride while looking great? Well the fashion brand Her Universe founded by actress Ashley Eckstein has a women’s athletic line that shows your Infinity War love, complete with makeup and accessories. Each piece in the collection represents one of the Infinity Stones in Thanos’ gauntlet. This collection is at Hot Topic stores and online. Some pieces are at Her Universe and Box Lunch stores and online.

Below is the Mind Stone crop hoodie. It has yellow stripes on the sleeves with white writing on black that lists all the Infinity Stones, “soul, power, space, time, reality”. The drawstrings on the hood say “Infinity”, and on the back the hoodie says “Mind”. This comes in plus size as well and can be found at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com and HerUniverse.com.

Infinity War

The hoodie matches with a pair of athletic pants. These pants have a drawstring with “infinity” on it and pockets. Along with yellow stripes and the Infinity Stones written out on black tape just like the hoodie. They are available in plus size and you can buy them from Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com and HerUniverse.com

Next is the Power Stone which is represented by a plum purple active skort. This skort has black shorts underneath the purple outer layer. In purple foil lettering at the hem is written “power”. There are drawstrings that say “infinity” and black fabric with white lettering that says “space, time, reality, mind, soul, power”. This skort is available in plus size and can be bought at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com and HerUniverse.com

A grey crop top embodies the Soul Stone. The shirt is cotton and polyester so it is basically a crop t-shirt; perfect for exercising in or just hanging out. “Soul” is written in red down the right side of the shirt. On each sleeve are black stripes with white writing saying “space, time, reality” on one side and “soul, power, space” on the other. This top comes in plus size and is available at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com and HerUniverse.com.

The Space Stone is paired with a black active tank top. On the front “space” is written repeatedly in electric blue foil. The shade of blue changes from movement and light direction. The sides are low cut and mesh that connect to the low racerback. On the back of the straps, center, right below the neck is a white Infinity Gauntlet. This top does not come in plus size. You can purchase it at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com and HerUniverse.com

A black ringer t-shirt with red detailing around the sleeves and neck is the piece representing the Reality Stone. This shirt has “reality” written in red on the chest. Along both shoulders is red detailing bordering the names of all the Infinity Stones written in white. This shirt comes in plus size and can be bought at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com and HerUniverse.com

The final stone, the Time Stone is embodied by a black t-shirt dress with green mesh sleeve and neck details. It also has a matching green hood. “Time” is written in green foil down the right sleeve. Down the sides of the dress are the names of each stone written in white. The black drawstrings on the hood have “infinity” written repeatedly in white. A really convenient feature of this dress is that it has pockets. This dress is made with polyester and spandex so you can be comfortable throwing some shorts underneath and exercising or just wearing it as a fun, comfy dress. This dress does not come in plus size. It can be bought at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com and HerUniverse.com

This infinity gauntlet foil bomber jacket will make you stand out in a crowd. The outer shell is gold like Thanos’ gauntlet. In black letters on the sleeves are the words “Infinite Power”. “Infinite” goes down the right arm and “power” goes down the left. There is black and gold metallic ribbing around the collar, wrists, and bottom of the jacket. On the inside of the jacket is a galaxy print with a gold foil depiction of the infinity gauntlet. This jacket comes in plus size and is available at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com and HerUniverse.com

These are the Infinity Stones low impact sports bra and biker shorts. They are separates, but go together in concept and style. The sports bra is black spandex and nylon with gold foil circuitry on the front, sides and back. the straps are black with white writing, naming the stones. The straps go into a racer back on a triangular ring in the back. On the back on the bra, bottom middle is the word “infinity” in gold. This sports bra does not come in plus size. It can be bought at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com and HerUniverse.com.


The Infinity Stones sports bra has matching Infinity Stones biker shorts. The nylon and spandex shorts are black with accents of color. The waistband is thick and has all the stones written by name around the waist in white. There are two layers to these shorts, the outer layer is looser and the one underneath is tight like shorts for biking. This outer layer has gold foil circuitry on both hips in the front. The outer shorts are scalloped with the tighter ones peeking out. On the left side “infinity” is written in gold foil. A special feature of these pants is that there are hidden pockets between the layers that are supposed to be able to hold a phone. These shorts do not come in plus size. You can buy them at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com and HerUniverse.com

Below is the Infinity War girls tour t-shirt. It is a retro gray t-shirt with all the Avengers’ symbols on the front and on the back is where in the MCU each of the Infinity Stones are located. Both the graphics and faded quality of this shirt give it the feel of a band’s tour shirt. Hot Topic stores and HotTopic.com have this shirt in plus size. This shirt is available at HerUniverse.com as well, but the sizing only goes from XS-3X, no plus size option.

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