Avengers: Infinity War Fashion from Her Universe

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Infinity War Beauty

The Her Universe Infinity War collection also has beauty pieces. This is the Infinity Eyeshadow Collection which has twelve different colors. In the center are six glittery colors which correspond to the six Infinity Stones. The outer six colors are neutrals. Each name for a neutral matches with a stone for what it could be on a larger scale. For example, the light blue “space” shadow is matched with a beige named “eternal”. Emerald green “time” goes with copper “infinity”, and deep plum purple “power” corresponds with smokey gray “annihilation”. This eyeshadow compact can be purchased at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com, BoxLunch stores and BoxLunch.com.

This Infinity faux nail collection has twenty-four nails in the pack with various cosmic designs and gem accents. The nails are press-on with glue pre-applied. You can buy them at Hot Topic stores and HotTopic.com.

Last is a lip gloss collection based off the Infinity Stones. There are six glosses and each one represents a different stone. All of the glosses have a shimmer and glitter to them. The red Reality Stone lipgloss is a pinkish red, the yellow Mind Stone is a golden gloss. For the blue Space Stone a sapphire blue, the green Time Stone has a dark green lipgloss, the orange Soul Stone has a bright orange gloss and the purple Power Stone has a jewel tone purple. These can be bought as a pack at Hot Topic stores, HotTopic.com, BoxLunch stores and BoxLunch.com.

Avengers: Infinity War is currently in theaters.

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