REVIEW: Captain America #700 – “Back In Time”

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Captain America #700
Writer: Mark Waid
Penciller: Chris Samnee
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Price: $5.99
Release Date: 04/11/18
Rating: T+

Captain America

Plot: After removing King Babbinton, Captain America continues to rebuild America. However with dwindling supplies and numerous invaders, Cap’s forces are stuck in a never ending battle with no chance of winning. The only solution: Cap goes back in time and stops Rampart’s initial attack.

Story: This issue handled the issue of time travel very well. When Bruce Banner initially approaches Cap with the opportunity to go back in time, Captain America refuses. Cap makes an argument that if he went back there’s always the possibility it could ruin the future even more. Plus Cap isn’t willing to leave until he knows the people he met are safe. I thought Cap’s argument was very well founded and it definitely sounded like someone who’s been through their share of time travel adventures. Also when Cap does return to the present he manages to stop Rampart at the cost of his own life. However his past self is still frozen but immediately thaws out which dismisses the complicated issue of two Captain Americas.

Mark Waid’s dialogue is another reason I’ve loved this title. As previously stated, Cap’s explanation for refusing to go back sounds like someone with a lot of experience traveling through time. Also Waid delivers the perfect voice for Captain America. Whenever he speaks, there’s a mixture of authority, bravery, and honor. A perfect example is when Cap confronts Babbington after returning to the past.

My only complaint for this issue is how Cap’s road trip comes to an immediate end. When Mark Waid took over there was an ongoing arc of Cap traveling across America. Once Cap thaws out, he writes a letter to Sharon Carter and confirms his trip’s over. Captain America being on the road is what drove me to picking up this title. While this arc with Rampart was entertaining, this quick ending doesn’t feel very organic. However, the rest of the issue is very well written despite this one flaw.

Art: The artwork on this title never disappoints it’s readers. Chris Samnee draws excellent action scenes. They’re epic and full of life that make the reader feel like they’re in the battlefield. The only thing that beats Samnee’s action scenes are his splash pages. Samnee’s splash pages are so stunning that every time I see one I want a poster sized version of it. Of course the artwork would be nothing without Matthew Wilson’s colors. Wilson keeps the pages colorful while minimizing the amount of blue which helps Captain America standout on each page. Also this issue has a backup story with artwork by Jack Kirby and who wouldn’t love a comic by the King.

Verdict: This issue celebrates Captain America’s 700th issue in style. The story is very entertaining and proves why Cap is one of Marvel’s best heroes. Plus the artwork is beautiful in both the main story and the back-up. Overall, this was another awesome issue of Captain America.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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