The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the August 2018 Marvel Solicitations

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The Marvel solicitations for August 2018 are now available for public consumption, which means that the Marvel Reporters once again prepare to discuss our thoughts and feelings about the newest titles. Check out the full list over at Comic Frontline before reading our takes, and then be sure to let us know how you feel about all the upcoming events and arcs in the comments below!

Commentators: Jay, KatLouisTatiana, Breeze

Editor: Tatiana


Jay: I am putting a LOT of faith in Dan Slott, I NEED the Fantastic Four back! So far this sounds interesting.

Kat: I can’t wait for the return of the Fantastic Four, and to see Dan Slott’s voice for these characters.

Tatiana: I know Sue’s absence especially left a hole in my universe, so I’m looking forward to how Dan Slott will bring the Richards family back and what stories he’ll give these four characters. At the very least, this story is sure to get us all talking and excited.

Breeze: Marvel has revived a lot of titles lately, but none more exciting than the return of the First Family. We’ll always wonder what took so long, but I’m glad to see them back.

Louis: Finally! This solicit says the absence of the FF left a hole in the Marvel Universe, and it’s completely accurate. I’m mostly excited for this series because it will be written by Dan Slott. I enjoyed his runs on Mighty Avengers, Silver Surfer, and Spider-Man so I have no doubt this will be lengen…(wait for it)…dary!



Jay: I hope this event (one of four events that are starting in the month of August!) sends the younger X-Men back to the past (preferably a new Earth) to fix the mess they made of present day Iceman and bring back present day Cyclops.

Kat: This event is releasing some gorgeous covers. Is this the end of the first class X-Men?

Tatiana: I’m a fan of looking back into the past for answers to the future, and I’ve grown fond of this team of time-displaced heroes. Count me in when it comes to checking this event out at the very least.


Jay: The second of four events starting in the month of August! We all know why Marvel is rehashing their old events, it is because they are using them for the MCU. STOP IT!!!! We do not need four events starting in one month and we do not need rehashing of old events.

Kat: The prelude was enough for me. I’ll be skipping this event.

Tatiana: If this had come out before the film, then I might have felt compelled to read it based on the title alone. But now that it’s over, I don’t really see a reason to wonder who Requiem is.


Jay: This should be named “13 Reasons Why This Book Will Be Cancelled,” and the first six are the cast of the series. None of them supported a successful series, so why not lump them into one more title destined for cancellation?

Kat: Kelly Thompson writing West Coast Avengers sign me up. I’ll be picking this one up for Kate!

Tatiana: Kate Bishop, America Chavez and Gwenpool all in one group? Avenging whatever it is they see fit? Yes, please. Not to mention that they can’t go wrong with Kelly Thompson on board.

Breeze: I don’t know if bringing all your cancelled solo title characters into one team book is a very good mea culpa. That said, West Coast Avengers looks entertaining as heck with a great creative team. Double the Hawkeye, double the fun!

Louis: When I heard the first announcement I was super excited. However upon seeing the lineup, I’m very skeptical. It’s great that Kelly Thompson is writing the Hawkeyes again. I honestly wish there were more Young Avengers on this title (such as Wiccan, Hulkling, or Stature).


Jay: I will give this a shot (no pun intended) to impress me.

Tatiana: The Punisher has never really appealed to me, but I’m very intrigued by the art so I may give it a chance. (See how I avoided the pun there?)


Tatiana: It’s fun to see the other Avengers team up with T’Challa for his agenda for once, so I’m happy to see how this battle against Nakia shakes out.


Jay: This is a story carrying over from Flash’s series, that is what has me interested. And for those counting, this is the third of four events kicking off in August.

Tatiana: I think I’ve had enough Venom events and crossovers to last me a lifetime.


Jay: This is the fourth event kicking off in August. Did anyone ask for a sequel to Spider-Verse? If anyone did, let me know so I can send Punisher to meet you!

Kat: Hmm, another Spider-Verse. If this means more Spider-Gwen and May, then I’m game.

Tatiana: Not sure this event is necessary, but if the word of mouth is good I’ll pick it up.


Jay: If Marvel is good at anything it is over saturation, and since this is the 30th Anniversary of Venom they are milking it, and I am in Venom overload, but this really sounds interesting.

Tatiana: You know the gif of all the women saying “Enough?” That’s me right now.


Jay: Remember when I said Marvel is good at over saturation? Here is another example. I want all of this build up to actually pay off.

Kat: Glad to see a one-shot to connect all these mini series.

Tatiana: I gave up on reading the various hunts for Wolverine, but I’m interested in the resolution. After all, this one-shot will decide whether or not I bother with Wolverine #1.


Jay: This series is a gamble to be honest. You are bringing back the Odinson fanbase, but by delving too much into the mythology and the fantasy of the world of Thor you are isolating the Jane Foster fans who came for the character moments.


Jay: This book needs to remember or learn who the characters are, so far they have the big three down but other than that nothing.

Tatiana: I would really like to see Robbie get his due, so I hope this arc establishes his place on the new Avengers with aplomb.

Breeze: So far this run has done a great job balancing the classic Avengers with the newbies. The solicit description’s focus on Robbie Reyes gives me confidence this will continue to be the case.

Louis: Looks like Robbie Reyes will be Jason Aaron’s pet project on his Avengers run.


Jay: A year too late. Just tell me good Captain America stories.

Tatiana: I don’t normally go here, so I would only read for Ta-nehisi Coates’ sake. But I do know I would rather pretend Secret Empire never happened than deal with more consequences from it.

Breeze:Not sure how I feel about this title dealing with the fallout of Secret Empire when the event ended about 8 months ago.


Jay: I hope we keep Nova around, I like Sam. Liking Amadeus’ uniform, not so much Riri’s suit. PSSST the heart is not on the left side it is in the middle.

Tatiana: I’m excited for whatever’s in store for Riri and Amadeus, and I especially love this cover. Sam has also become one of my favorite Champions, so I like that he’s getting more focus even if they’re stressing me out with the description.

Louis: Looks like Amadeus and Riri have some new looks. Gotta say Cho looks a bit more like Banner when he retained his intelligence as the Hulk. Also Riri’s new armor looks more unique and less like a smaller Iron Man.


Jay: I liked the FCBD issue. I’ve been burned before, but this does sound interesting.

Louis: If you read this year’s Amazing Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day issue, then you have a pretty good idea who could be impersonating Peter Parker.


Jay: I love that my boys are working together. Uncle Ben would be proud!


Jay: Sounds interesting! I cannot wait to see this, but still sounds a lot like Spider-Girl.

Tatiana: I may be one of the few people still enjoying this title, and the Sinister arc is of great interest to me.

Louis: The mention of Mister Sinister in this solicit has renewed my interest in this title.


Jay: I wanted more from the first issue, so I hope by this issue I get it.

Tatiana: I’m kind of salty the story rebooted when it was getting interested, but I’ve grown fond of Eddie and the Symbiote so I’ll stick around.


Jay: Ok, Miles was around before he was around. Retconning him into the 616 is something that should have long ago been done.

Kat: Is this a stall as Marvel looks for another creative team for Miles? At least we are getting some story to fill in the blanks of Miles’ life after the Secret Wars Ultimate Universe twist.

Tatiana: I love the character of Miles and worry for his future, so I do hope he winds up in the best of hands. In the meantime, I suppose this will do.

Louis: Looks like we’re getting our first taste of a Post-Bendis Miles Morales a bit earlier than expected.


Jay: Now this is something I can get behind. It looks really good!

Tatiana: Misty Knight is one of my favorite characters, so I’m totally here for any team-up between her and Daredevil.

Breeze: A pair up of rookie Daredevil and Misty Knight? This sounds like an intriguing one-off story. It’s been a while since I remember Misty being in a story, so that’s another reason to be excited.


Jay: I am looking forward to this mini.

Kat: I can’t wait to see a story with Carol’s family!

Tatiana: I love seeing the more personal side to heroes, and Captain Marvel’s been in literal space so often that seeing her on Earth with her folks is definitely a nice change of pace.


Jay: I admit it, I like the Sentry, and want this book!

Tatiana: Only issue #3 and already up against Iron Man? That will be interesting.


Jay: Hmmm, I have to say this book has me intrigued. And if the previous issues are any indicator, this one will be just as awesome!

Kat: Looking forward to seeing the Fantastic Four officially in this series.

Tatiana: This title actively depressed me for the first few issues, so I’m very glad that things are back on track.

Louis: Since the FF are back, I wonder what’s going to happen with this title. It doesn’t look like it will be reaching a conclusion any time soon.


Jay: Rainbow Rowell is just awesome! She has done something most thought impossible, she caught the magic of the original volume of Runaways and in my opinion made it even better.

Kat: I need all of this!!! And interesting that Rowell is adding Karolina’s parents’ celebrity background to her story. Other creatives teams have never tackled this fully with her character.

Tatiana: I’ve been loving all the character focus in this run, and I’m very much looking forward to Karolina’s story here. Plus, Nico looks glorious on the cover.


Jay: I think Bruno was the missing element from this book, and I am honestly really enjoying it again.

Kat: This feels like classic Ms. Marvel!

Tatiana: Kamala and Bruno getting into trouble together? That’s what I’m talking about!


Jay: Be prepared to READ! All those fans that hate text heavy comics, this isn’t for you.

Kat: You got me at Kitty Pryde and Carol Danvers!

Tatiana: I hope it’s not too harsh to say that these issues read like an X-Men wikipedia entry to me. That being said, I love Kitty and Carol both, so this is one Wiki article I would read.


Jay: I am not sure what to think here. I always loved that Kitty’s first love was Colossus. But since he isn’t, her first love’s name better be Peter! Come on Marvel, don’t disappoint!

Kat: This seems like it’s going to be a really fun one shot! I hope Kitty’s first kiss was from another boy named Peter.

Tatiana: Young Kitty sounds like it’ll be a fun adventure. Which reminds me that I haven’t read the wedding issue yet!

X-MEN GOLD #33 & 34

Jay: They better not be saying Storm is Asgardian and not a Mutant. I think this would be the moment I walk away from a Marvel Title, or a series of titles and drop the X-Books.

Tatiana: I would walk away too, because that’s just ridiculous. But at least Storm is finally getting some focus, because she was way too sidelined for a while there.


Jay: Hope that this is good. I want Professor X back but not really sure on X.

Kat: The cover is gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see Dazzler rock it on stage!

Tatiana: Seeing almost all the X-Men together again is definitely enticing, and I invested enough in Jean’s resurrection to want to follow through. But Professor X too? Dang.

Breeze: Glad to see they’re doing more with X, I was worried he was going to get lost in the shuffle of the multitude of X-Men titles out and with the creative team change. (Also how do these Marvel exclusive writers have enough time in the day? I count Rosenberg on 6 and Soule on 7 issues this month just as two examples.)

Louis: The resurrected Professor Xavier teaming up with his original students (sans Cyclops)? I’m sold!

X-23 #3

Jay: YES! Mariko gets characters well and I cannot wait until she gets inside of Laura and with the Cuckoos she can do that on a whole other level.

Kat: No one touches Gabby!!

Tatiana: I’m 100% onboard with Mariko Tamaki as a writer, but I second the command to leave Gabby alone.


Jay: Two months and nothing is known about this yet. I can’t wait to find out what it is!

Tatiana: Secrets aren’t quite as exciting as reveals…



Tatiana: It’s been a fun ride so far, and I can’t wait to see where they go with it.

Breeze: If you’re not already reading this book, READ THIS BOOK. How can the phrase “Black Panther of the Wild West” not appeal to you? One of the most enjoyable titles Marvel is producing right now.

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