Cloak & Dagger 1.06 Review: “Funhouse Mirrors”

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cloak & dagger 1.06

Tandy and Tyrone both find themselves on the inside for once in episode six of Cloak & Dagger, “Funhouse Mirrors.” Tandy pretends to be a Roxxon intern to get closer to scientist Mina Hess. Tyrone gets into even deeper trouble as he attempts to infiltrate Duane’s drug dealing operation.

Wading in the Deep

If you were waiting for the return of Auntie Chantelle, you’re in luck. Episode six wastes no time delving into the Voodoo. During a visit from Evita, who thinks her aunt just wants to give her “the talk,” Auntie Chantelle reveals that she senses a power coming from Tyrone. She later predicts he could be the key to the next disaster to hit New Orleans.

Given what we know about Roxxon, this seems like a pretty good guess that you wouldn’t need Voodoo to confirm, but I’m glad they brought back Chantelle.

Ty doesn’t exactly seem to be avoiding disaster either as he seeks out Duane once again. He attempts to use some of his new “people skills” he picked up from Tandy in order to get a job in Duane’s organization, even citing Billy’s death in an attempt to guilt him, but it doesn’t work. When snooping around the facility Ty is attacked by a drug runner who threatens him.

Tandy’s con is naturally more successful, as she shows up with coffee in hand pretending to be the new intern of Roxxon scientist Mina Hess. Mina is certain she never asked for an intern, but Tandy feigns enough interest that she gives in. For this mark, she’s trading in her high heels for waders.

Tyrone isn’t the only one trying to bring down Connors though as O’Reilly continues to work the drug case, hoping she can trick Connors.

In one of their few scenes together this episode, Tyrone goes to visit Tandy in the church. Tandy is not concerned with Tyrone’s setback, telling him if there’s not an opening he has to create one. After all, she’s about to go “swamping” for her Roxxon internship. She’s willing to do whatever it takes and he needs to also. 

As usual, the leads of Cloak & Dagger share great chemistry and have really settled into the groove of their character dynamics. Unfortunately, despite the early emphasis on their predestined relationship, the show continues to keep them apart. While they each have different goals, it seems strange they’re not doing more to team up. After all, two sets of powers are better than one?

Overall, the episode brings more levity than we’re used to, if only for a fleeting moment. Down to the background music, Tandy’s day with Mina has less doom and gloom than is customary for this show. Right now Mina just seems like a fun hippy scientist who loves to bake, but I wonder how long that will last. 

A Divine Pairing

Chantelle reads the past and future with Evita, talking about a divine pairing that always plays a role in the cyclical disasters that occur. To the viewer, the answer is all too obvious: the divine pairing must be Tandy and Tyrone. But they don’t know Tandy yet, so it remains a puzzle.

Switching between four different plot lines in the episode can be a little distracting, but I really enjoy Evita and Chantelle’s scenes as they give the show a more supernatural feeling. It also gives me hope Evita’s role in the show will expand beyond just being Tyrone’s overly understanding girlfriend.

Tandy tries to get information from Mina, but they end up in a conversation about endangered bees instead.

Mina muses, “When you stop looking for something, that’s when you let it disappear.” This, of course, reminds Tandy of her father. The scenes in the swamp are impressive and you can almost feel the sticky humidity, letting Cloak & Dagger’s dedication to filming on location really pay off. This is not Vancouver or a back lot, and thank goodness for that. 

O’Reilly gets in deeper with Connors as he pretends to help her on her drug bust. It’s not clear whether he knows that she knows the truth about him, but it’s an uneasy alliance with neither fully trusting each other. Their bust works out for Tyrone, allowing him to grab a bag from a drug runner and scare him off with his powers. 

For all of Mina’s talk of respecting nature, it turns out she’s involved in drilling and it’s not for oil. They were never drilling for oil, but instead a mysterious substance, and that’s why the old rig exploded.

The way Mina describes the pipeline, as having pressure points throughout the city, is enough to make anyone nervous. Things get worse when Mina learns the heat shield is taking on extra pressure. Is this the disaster Auntie Chantelle predicts only the divine pairing can prevent?

Turns out Stan, another Roxxon drone, messed up the valve placement and Tandy gains Mina’s trust by finding the mistake.

cloak & dagger 1.06

Ty brings the bag back to Duane, telling him again he wants to work with him. Duane yields, telling Tyrone he’ll show him what it’s really like to do this job.

Tandy and Mina bond over growing up with a love of science and over Nathan though Tandy can’t admit he’s her dad. Tandy takes it a step too far asking to talk to Mina’s dad. Tandy is about to use her powers on Mina when a rare bee lands on her, interrupting the moment. Unfortunately, Tandy continues her questioning and a suspicious Mina realizes she’s Nathan Bowen’s daughter. 

Tyrone has a different kind of heart to heart with Duane, who shares some cold, hard truths with him. Duane makes it clear that this city is for survivors, and he is dealing drugs to survive.

When Ty asks about justice he retorts, “Justice is for white people in some other place, not us here.”

In a dramatic turn during her reading, Auntie Chantelle predicts that of the divine pairing one will live and one will die. That doesn’t sound like good news for our heroes. 

Ty also takes things too far, calling Duane out for working with Connors and taking advantage of Billy’s death.

A furious Ty tells him, “Every day you kill my brother all over again.” Before Duane can decide if he wants to help Tyrone they’re interrupted by Connors showing up.

Tandy secretly follows Mina as she visits her dad in a home. It turns out he’s in a vegetative state.

Tandy apologizes for tricking her and Mina is pretty forgiving about it, all things considered. Tandy uses her powers to see inside her father’s hopes, but his mind is covered in weeds and vines. There’s a closed vault but the shadows that also form Tyrone’s powers block Tandy from accessing it.

Back at Duane’s, Connors tells Duane he has to kill O’Reilly to keep the police off their back. O’Reilly enters before Ty can warn her so he calls out, leading O’Reilly to shoot Duane. 

Connors chases down Ty but with the fear his powers kick in and he narrowly escapes, transporting to the church. We’re left as Ty emotionally collapses in front of Tandy, feeling like another death is on his hands. 

Additional Thoughts:

  • I hope Mina continues to be friend not foe, but scientists, much like corporations, usually turn out to be villains in the Marvel Universe.
  • If Roxxon isn’t drilling for oil, could it be for Zero Matter? It would have similar properties to what Mina describes in this episode. Jeph Loeb confirmed in an interview that Cloak & Dagger shares a connection with Agent Carter, and it’s been confirmed in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that Roxxon purchased the remaining assets of Isodyne.

Cloak & Dagger airs on Freeform at 8 p.m./7c every Thursday. Stay tuned to The Marvel Report for more coverage. 

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