SDCC 2018: Cloak & Dagger’s Brigid O’Reilly Previews Mayhem

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Cloak & Dagger is slowly wrapping up it’s first season and it’s coming in on a cliffhanger. From Tandy facing off against Roxxon to Tyrone facing off against the NOLA Police Department and the corrupt Officer Connors, Cloak & Dagger has been a breath of fresh air in an already breezy year of awesome Marvel Television.

One of the newest characters they’ve introduced is Brigid O’Reilly, played by actress Emma Lahana. O’Reilly has been Tyrone’s ally in his battle for justice for his brother Billy. While she helped secure a confession against the corrupt Detective Connors, O’Reilly’s prospects have been getting grimmer and grimmer as we approach the season finale.

According to and showrunner Joe Poekaski, Lahana will be creating a Killmonger like character in season two who the audience can relate to – despite being an antagonist. Poekaski teased that he was very excited to tell a villain’s origin story – in a secret way.

“We got very excited, the writers and I, when we were breaking the first season, because we knew who Mayhem was and we knew Brigid began as a friend and it was very exciting as writers to say, ‘Oh, low key, we can start telling the origin story of a villain in the most ninja way possible,”

You can check out the poster released to celebrate the second season and the arrival of one of the most iconic villains in Cloak & Dagger‘s Rogue’s Gallery below.

Stay tuned for Cloak & Dagger’s Season Finale, Thursday August 2nd, on Freeform!

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