SDCC 2018: Preparing for The Gifted Season 2

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The second season of The Gifted is coming and the sophomore season of the mutant show has promised a number of changes for the characters. Season One ended on a massive cliffhanger and saw the return of a conflict worthy of the X-Men movie universe. Polaris and Eclipse split themselves up, the mutant underground has been divided. Just where the characters are going remains to be seen – and just what fans can expect from the new season when the show raises the stakes for fans.

The cast and crew of The Gifted sat down with The Marvel Report to discuss the second season, where the characters might be going, and just how they prepared to bring the massive scale of the X-Men films to television. While the battle between The Mutant Underground and the resurgent Hellfire Club may be on the smaller screen, it’s reminiscient of a much larger fight.

The Gifted Will Be Exploring More Then Just the Struckers

One of the things the actors teased were developments between new characters. Fox chose to break the actors and actresses up and focus to on the backstory of the other members of the Mutant Underground. The show clearly pointed out how the mutant underground was shaped by Polaris in season one, and with these two taking the reins there are going to be some major changes focusing on other characters like Sean Teale’s Eclipse and Blair Redford’s Thunderbird.

“I would love to do a specific flashback to his time in the military.” said Redford, “I do have a really cool flashback that no one knows and no one has seen.” Teale also teased that he had a flashback, “Mine takes place in Columbia.”

Eclipse and Thunderbird will be trying to hold the group together, “They’ve been fractured. There’s a 6 month time jump and it’s been a tough journey.” Teale added that they’re on the run and visiting “old underground” stations. “We’re going on our sort of master quest.” Teale said, “To try and get Polaris back.”

The Struckers Will Be Tested

Fans of the show know that we see the world of the X-Men through the eyes of the Struckers. Mom, Dad, and two kids who have superpowers. Natalie Alyn Lynd and Stephen Moyer teased that the Struckers would be going through some major changes this season.

“I think that not that I would draw any lines about the politics he might have had as a prosectuor, he’s had to go on this about turn and think about inclusivity in a way he hasn’t before. And midway through the season he was stopped by his own destiny and that makes him question what he was.” said Moyer, “There’s been a lot of emotional turmoil for Reed Strucker.”

Moyer also went on to explain that the family dynamic will change significantly, “We’ve been seperated from Andy and we’re fighting with the idea that he was forced to do it. The conflict is between who we are as a family and what we represent as a family.”

“When you go back to last season you discover that we are descendants of the Von Strucker twins. If you read the comics you know the Struckers were bad people. Andy wants to embrace it, but Lauren wants to go on a different path. What I like about this season however is that we all have different views.” added Natalie Alyn Lynd. This seems to tease some very dramatic conclusions for the Strucker Family!

The Inner Circle Will Also Be Tested

The biggest shift was the break up between Eclipse and Polaris, seemingly damaging Eclaris and throwing a wall up between the couple who are still very much in love. The show is committing to it’s ideology however and Dumont teased big things ahead for her as Polaris.

“Do I enjoy being mutant royalty? I love it. She’s pregnant and she’s about to become a parent. She’s in that same position that he was in many years ago. Does she save the world or have a family? And she’s going to realize maybe that she’s come to the same decision that her father has. Does she save the world or save her family?”

That’s the core conflict at the heart of The Gifted and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the show will be bringing together!

The second season of The Gifted seems poised to expand the conflict the show started in the first season. While most of the first season was devoted to world building and building the world of the X-Men, this new season will now let the writers play in it. The show has limitless possibilities and potential.

What would you like to see The Gifted tackle in the second season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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