Top 5 Picks for ABC’s Female Superhero Show

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Top 5 Picks for ABC’s Female Superhero Show

It was recently announced that Alan Heinberg (Writer for Wonder Woman) will be doing a women-focus superhero show for ABC. Let’s rundown some heroes I’d like to see on said show and explain how they’d fit on a team. For this list, I specifically chose characters that have yet to be seen or mentioned in the MCU. Without further ado, let’s actually start the list.

5. Agent Cheesecake

Introduced in 2007, Agent Cheesecake is a short-lived, obscure Marvel character. She is a LMD (Life-Model Decoy) she was build to SHIELD to operate as an advanced SHILD agent with a specialization in seduction. Given her name and outfit, one could see how she’d fall into obscurity, However, I feel that now, in a time where feminism and body positivity are being more widely discussed, is the perfect time to bring someone like her back. They could use her character to discuss topics like misogyny, identity, body positivity, agency, etc…

Besides all that, she’s just a cool character. She has enhanced, strength, stamina, agility and durability. She could serve as the team’s SHIELD connection, and the show’s connection to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, specifically AIDAAlternatively, they could have her as a former agent of SHIELD. Maybe she previously worked with Coulson, May, Hill and/or Fury. Also, being the android that she is, they could also explore the fish out of water trope with her. Lastly, since she is an obscure character, that means she is easily adaptable and malleable. Speaking of obscure characters…

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