Top 5 Picks for ABC’s Female Superhero Show

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4. White Fox

White Fox is another obscure Marvel character but with a very unique origins. She was introduced in a Korean web comic series, Avengers: Electric Rain, as a member of the Avengers. Due to it’s popularity in South Korea, she was introducted into the comics in Marvel’s Contest of Champions. At the end of the mini-series, she was sent back to her home universe, and I believe, has only been seen a couple more times.

White Fox, unlike Agent Cheesecake, has a secret identity. Ami Han is her name by day. She is an agent of the South Korea National Intelligence. She just also happens to be a Kumiho, shape shifting nine-tailed fox of Korean myth. Her powers include heightened senses, retractable claws and ability to communicate with animals. She also knows multiple fighting styles and languages. I feel like she could fill multiple roles on the team. Translator, cop-like character, secret butt kicker, ect… I feel like if they pick her and give her a good actress, like Doona Bae (Sun from Sense8), you could have a fan favorite character.

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