ACE Comic Con Chicago Excitement Builds

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ACE Comic Con Chicago

ACE Comic Con Midwest is just over a week away, October 12, 13 and 14 at Navy Pier in Chicago. We asked the fans who plan on attending the convention to show us their costumes and tell us all about their excitement for the convention.  Here is a peek at some of the fans who are excited to meet their heroes (and villains) at ACE Comic Con next weekend.

Nichole M – I’m bringing my son who will be cosplaying as Doctor Strange. The attached picture isn’t the exact costume he will be wearing (“MOM. This con is big – we’ve got to take my cosplay to the next level). He is most excited to meet Chris Evans. He has always been drawn to Captain America and loves Chris’s portrayal of the character. As his mom, it is pretty easy to see why he is so drawn to Captain America – he reminds me a lot of pre-serum Steve Rogers.

ACE Comic Con Chicago cosplay


Manda B. – I am so beyond excited to meet Elizabeth Olsen.  I’m also so excited to be meeting Tom Hiddleston. He meant so much to a close family member who passed away recently, so seeing him is important to me. I’m also meeting up with so many of my friends there which only makes the weekend that much better.

ACE Comic Con Chicago cosplay


Marc M. – Infinity Skull will be lurking around on Friday or Saturday. Will be meeting Karen Gillan on Friday night and then Lee Pace on Saturday. I love being a villain in my cosplays and those two play a couple of the Marvel baddies, it will be awesome to meet them. I am also meeting Elizabeth Olsen and Don Cheadle. So it will be a busy weekend but a lot of fun.

ACE Comic Con Chicago


Phoebe S. – I’ve been wanting to meet Chris Evans and thank him for playing an excellent Captain America for years now, and Cap is 100% one of my favorites to cosplay! It’s so much fun, and it always makes people smile – probably because Captain America is an excellent character full of heart, bravery, and a good sense of what’s right. I’ve seen every movie Chris Evans has been in, and I can’t wait to tell him how much I appreciate his honesty with everything from politics to dealing with anxiety.

ACE Comic Con Chicago


Ash N. – I’m excited to meet Chris Evan’s because to me, he represents everything the world needs right now. When I get tired of seeing one terrible news story after another, he’s still out there speaking out against prejudice and bigotry, and that motivates me to stay active and involved. He’s the embodiment of Captain America and the sort of person I strive to be like.

ACE Comic Con Chicago


Celeste N. – Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am to meet Tom Hiddleston Saturday of Ace Comic Con. I really hope they let me do the photo op I have in mind to make my life pretty much complete. It’s such a huge deal to me for him to come to my hometown in Chicago, I was seriously heart broken when I couldn’t make Seattle so this is truly a dream come true. I have improved my Lady Loki cosplay for this exact moment. Loki has always been one of my favorite characters of marvel and it’s one I feel the most comfortable in. I can be super serious one second and very mischievous the next. I LOVE seeing other Loki cosplayers and nerding out together. I hope I can do Tom proud.

ACE Comic Con Chicago

Maria V. – America Chavez will be on the hunt on Saturday. Hopefully, I’ll find other Young Avengers in the mix. I am elated beyond belief to get a picture with Tom Hiddleston!! America and Kid Loki’s relationship in YA is definitely one of its highlights! This will be my first con so I’m lucky that America is an easy cosplay!

ACE Comic Con Chicago

Some fans are still putting the finishing touches on their costumes, with just over a week to go!

Jenn L. – I’m excited to meet Tom because he is so utterly fantastic, both as an actor and as a human being. Loki is my absolute favorite character and I can relate to him on so many levels. So the idea of being able to meet Tom, dressed as Loki, is actually just a little mind-blowing right now.

While plenty of fans are excited to meet the celebrities at ACE Comic Con, some are equally excited to meet other fans, creators and cosplayers.

Cait M. – I’ll be there as Rocket Raccoon on Saturday and I’m most excited to get to meet all the other Marvel cosplayers and see the hard work they put into their cosplays. I love getting to talk shop and geek out with other artists who are part of this crazy community.

ACE Comic Con Chicago
Photo by Erik Jaworski

And while we only cover Marvel related news, certainly there are plenty of Marvel fans out there who are also Doctor Who lovers, like Jake.

Jake S. – I’m really looking forward to meeting Matt Smith. He’s my favorite Doctor to cosplay as. And of course you can’t meet the Doctor without meeting his companion. So, of course, I’m meeting Karen Gillan too.

ACE Comic Con Chicago

Will you be attending ACE Comic Con in Chicago?  We hope to see you there it’s going to be a marvelous weekend!  it isn’t too late, you can still buy your tickets here:

ACE Comic Con Chicago tickets.

Banner image:  Cosplayer Marc Meeker, Edit by Ryan Sims Photography.

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