REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #7 – “Peter and Fred’s Night Out”

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Amazing Spider-Man #7
Writer: Nick Spencer
Penciller: Humberto Ramos
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 10/10/18
Rating: T

Amazing Spider-Man

Plot: Last issue Peter Parker’s roommate, Fred Myers (a.k.a. Boomerang) brought him to the Bar With No Name for Spider-Man trivia night. What could possibly go wrong? How about Wilson Fisk putting a price on Boomerang’s head big enough to disregard the bar’s no weapons policy?

Story: Nick Spencer’s dialogue is one great thing about his run (so far). Spencer writes fun and clever lines for his characters that are entertaining and true to the character’s core. One example is Peter rolling with the cover identity Fred gave him, the super villain known as the Liar. Peter uses this as an opportunity to distract the other villains so he and Fred can escape the Bar With No Name. Peter’s delivery of the line feel like Nick Spencer understands the humorous aspects of Spider-Man.

Another excellent aspect of Nick Spencer’s run is his handling of Boomerang. Spencer previously wrote Boomerang (Fred Meyers) for The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, and this issue made me want to finally read that series. After escaping the bar, Fred reveals to Peter that he genuinely wants to be friends with him and Robbie. Peter brings up that Spider-Man saw him with his former Sinister Six members but Fred reveals to Peter that those were LMD’s (Life Model Decoys) he bought for companionship. This revelation prompts Peter to invite Fred to his and Robbie’s weekly trip to an improv theater.

First off this scene shows how Nick Spencer can easily turn a C-List villain into a sympathetic and complex character. Also Peter’s reaction is really true to his character of someone who can’t always catch a break. This also leads to a monologue where Peter reflects on how many people gave him second chances and why he should do the same for Fred.

This issue closes off with another scene featuring this run’s recurring villain who I’m calling Mr. Creepy (no official name is revealed yet, but I needed to call him something). Mr. Creepy shows up to see Wilson Fisk, who’s about to order a hit on Boomerang’s roommate: Peter Parker. Mr. Creepy gets Fisk to hold off his vendetta because he needs Peter alive for some reason. During their conversation, it’s implied that Fisk and Mr. Creepy have a history together. Also Fisk is clearly afraid of this villain to the point where he would willingly bow to him so he’ll leave. This small tease is an excellent build up for Nick Spencer’s mysterious big bad.

Art: This issue’s artwork is amazing. The fight scenes in the Bar With No Name were very dynamic and full of action. Also Humberto Ramos did an excellent job with the character’s facial expressions. When we cut to the flashback revealing Boomerang with the LMD’s the reader can easily see Boomerang’s loneliness and desire for real companions. Also the scenes with Wilson Fisk toward the end do an outstanding job showing how much Fisk fears Mr. Creepy when he senses the latter’s arrival. Plus that last page of Fisk kneeling before Mr. Creepy is shocking. Even if you only know Wilson Fisk from the Daredevil Netflix series, you know he’s a man of power. Seeing someone who’s always had power easily bending to another is surprising and it creates more fear for what Mr. Creepy actually has planned for Spider-Man.

Verdict: This issue shows why Boomerang is a great addition to Peter Parker’s supporting cast. Plus I always love it when a writer can turn a lesser known character into a more complex one. Also we got another great teaser for the new big bad, Mr. Creepy. Although I still wish we’d get a little more info about him, such as his actual name. Nevertheless, Amazing Spider-Man #7 is a fantastic issue and definitely worth reading.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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