Captain Marvel Funko Products Announced

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Captain Marvel

Just as with every recent MCU movie we now have our first look at the first wave of products from Funko for the upcoming Captain Marvel film. Wave 1 consists of POP Pens, Pocket POPs, POPs, Dorbz, and a POP Ride.

Captain Marvel POP Pens:

We get 3 different toppers this time around with Goose the Cat, Captain Marvel with Helmet, and Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel Pocket POP Keychains:

For the Pocket POP line, we get the same 3 as with the pens but also one exclusive to Hot Topic/Box Lunch

Captain Marvel With Helmet
Captain Marvel
Goose the Cat



All 3 of the entries here are Funko Shop Exclusives. They include Vers with Helmet, Captain Marvel, and Goose the Cat.

Vers with Helmet
Captain Marvel
Goose the Cat


Funko POPs:

For the first wave of POPs we get 8 mass retail and 6 exclusives for a total of 14 POPs including Nick Fury with both eyes and a few fun variant ones as well. Sadly no Coulson yet.

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel with Helmet as a Chase Variant
Nick Fury with both eyes
a Kree Star Commander
Goose the Cat
Maria Rambeau
Flying Helmeted Captain Marvel Glow in the Dark Exclusive to Target
Glow in the Dark Captain Marvel Exclusive to Walmart
Helmeted Vers Exclusive to GameStop
Flocked Goose the Cat Exclusive to BoxLunch
Carol Danvers in Uniform Exclusive to FYE
Captain Marvel in a Leather Jacket Exclusive to Hot Topic

POP Ride:

The final Funko product for Wave 1 of Captain Marvel is an awesome POP Ride of Carol Danvers on a Motorcycle.

As usual this is the initial wave of products that drop before the movie and more than likely there will be more to come after the movie debuts in March. Expect these to hit stores and online in January. And for all other Funko product news be sure to check out our archive here.

Source: Funko Blog

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