Hulu Debuts New Trailer For Runaways Season 2; New Members Revealed?

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Marvel TV is finishing off the year with a bang, or in this case, six awesome teenagers fighting their villainous parents. Runaways Season 2 is set to arrive this Christmas and to celebrate that, Hulu and Marvel TV released a brand new trailer which features lots of action and twists.

Also…did the trailer reveals some potential new members? Watch for yourself and let us know in the comments below what you think!

“Every teenager thinks their parents are evil. But what if they really were? When six L.A. teens stumble onto a terrible secret, they realize their parents have been lying to them all their lives. But what are their parents after? And why? While the kids investigate, the adults start to wonder if their kids are hiding secrets of their own. The parents close in on the truth just as the kids uncover a plan with devastating consequences. Now, this unlikely crew of teenagers must band together to stop their parents before it’s too late.”

Marvel’s Runaways Season 2, starring Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder, Ariela Barer as Gert Yorkes, Lyrica Okano as Nico Minoru, Gregg Sulkin as Chase Stein, Virginia Gardner as Karolina Dean, Allegra Acosta as Molly Hernandez, drops all 13 episodes on December 21, exclusively on Hulu.

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