Avengers Academy – Graduation Day

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So this is a bit of a bittersweet post. Mostly in part to just how much time and money I’ve put into this game but also because of what this game meant to me here on the site. Announced today in-game was this message.

Thankfully the game is not over yet. So gear up and get ready to save the universe one more time before it ends. As a way of saying thank you the developers have gifted every player 2500 shards and a final storyline to get everything before February 4th in the Master Combat map.

They aren’t just calling it quits with the story either and the scenes with Newscaster Supreme will show that it’s for the best that the Academy close it’s doors since the universe is on the brink of collapse unless Fury does what he did the last time. Or at least that’s what it’s aiming at.

While the game is ending, this is a good way to send it all off. I definitely have thoughts but I’m going to save that for a follow-up post.

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