Daredevil Reviews: Episodes 3.9 – 3.10

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Daredevil Recap: Episode 10 - Karen

Daredevil 3.09: “Revelations”

The episode opens with Matt confronting Father Lantom in light of the bombshell revelation that Sister Maggie is his mother. It’s a fitting start since this episode is called Revelations. In fact, this entire episode sees all our favorite characters wrestling with uncovered truths.

Sister Maggie

Daredevil Recap: Episode 9: Revelations for Sister Maggie

We quickly flashback to a young Sister Maggie seen sneaking into a boxing match with sisters from the convent. She sees Matt’s father get punched and is intrigued. The other sisters try to pull her out of the gym and back to the safety of the church, but Matt’s father locks eyes on young Maggie and she’s sucked into his orbit.

He invites her into the ring to help him and it’s clear that she is instantly smitten by Jack Murdock. A sweet montage of happy moments follows, but their happiness is short-lived. We see Maggie and Jack have had a child together. And Maggie is suffering from Postpartum Depression. Something that was not widely talked about or properly treated back then. Jack questions what is wrong with Maggie, and comforts a crying baby Matt.

Father Lantom and the sisters come to the apartment while Jack and Matt are away and take Sister Maggie back to the convent to get care and return to the fold of the church. Maggie, clearly still out of it from the depression, leaves her life with Jack and Matt behind.

Flashing back to the present day, Matt wants answers about his mother. He’s been questioning God all season and now he’s losing faith in Father Lantom as well.


Daredevil Recap: Episode 9: Revelations for Matt Murdock

Matt returns to the boxing gym after confronting Father Lantom, eager to return to his battle against Fisk and now also, Poindexter. But he has to face his ghosts first, in the form of his deceased father.

It becomes clear that Matt is bitter. Bitter about this truth about his mother. Bitter at God. And bitter at his old man as well. He’s prepared to turn all that rage on Fisk.

Agent Nadeem

Daredevil Recap: Episode 9: Revelations for Agent Nadeem

Agent Nadeem has decided to confess to his superiors about the scheme he has discovered and the part he played in it. He goes to Agent Winn and the two of them go to Agent Hattley’s home. A tape recorder is placed on the table and Agent Nadeem begins his confession. In an effort to stop the corruption, he shares what he knows about Agent Poindexter and that he believes Wilson Fisk is playing the FBI for fools.

Agent Winn is shocked and Agent Hattley places Nadeem on leave. Nadeem hands over his gun and while the tape is rolling, all seems to be according to plan. Then, Agent Hattley starts to scream at Agent Nadeem “not to do it” as she grabs his gun and shoots Agent Winn across the table. She turns off the tape and it’s clear that Agent Hattley is working for Fisk and has framed Nadeem for the murder of Winn.

“I’m not your boss anymore. Wilson Fisk is.” – Agent Hattley

Agent Nadeem quickly discovers just how deep the conspiracy goes.


Daredevil Recap: Episode 9: Revelations for Karen Page

Karen is planning to leave town after confronting Fisk and accidentally revealing Daredevil’s true identity to him. Foggy tries to convince her to stay and take a stand against Fisk. But the guilt is eating her alive and she packs her bags to leave town.

She goes to Sister Maggie at the church to look for Matt and warn him about the confrontation with Fisk and the revelation that Fisk now knows his true identity. Maggie shares that Matt is gone and even explains the secret of Matt’s parentage and the burden Maggie has carried all these years.

Maggie offers Karen safety in the church and an exit strategy in an effort to gain some atonement for her sins.


Daredevil Recap: Episode 9: Revelations for Foggy Nelson

Foggy’s little stunt the night before has gone viral and Marci is by his side, bolstering him up for a run for office.

Later at the family’s store, everyone is celebrating Foggy’s victory…almost everyone. It turns out Theo, Foggy’s brother, is in deep legal trouble and Foggy’s punch at Fisk has put the whole family in danger. Theo asks Foggy to backtrack his run for office or else the family will go down for bad bookkeeping, thanks to a little help from Fisk.

Basically, things look bad for everyone when deep truths are revealed. Another big revelation in this episode is Fisk’s codename “Kingpin,” a name that has been long coming for Daredevil fans. With all of the FBI in his pocket, Kingpin becomes a free man and starts to set the trap for Daredevil.

A trap has been set for Matt. And Agent Nadeem is meant to spring it for him. But Matt chooses to ignore the bait and heads to Fisk’s apartment to lay in wait and take his chance at ending the war.

Before he gets his chance, Matt overhears disturbing news that Fisk has located Karen Page at the church. The episode ends with Matt frozen between saving his friend and confronting his enemy.

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